Shaanxi No.1 Hospital for the elderly died after transfusion official: the nurses involved have made mistakes and have stopped working

 Shaanxi No.1 Hospital for the elderly died after transfusion official: the nurses involved have made mistakes and have stopped working

The nurse in question has been suspended.

On July 21, Mr. Yang of Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province, revealed that the hospital in Chengcheng County was suspected of using the wrong medicine, which led to his fathers death after suffering from discomfort during the infusion at 1:00 on the 19th. Later, Mr. Yang found that the infusion bottle was not his fathers name, and his fathers bed number was 46, and the single infusion bottle label was 45. Therefore, Mr. Yang believes that the hospital infusion of wrong drugs is the direct cause of his fathers death.

On July 22, the Beijing News reporter learned from a staff member of Chengcheng County Health Bureau that after investigation, Mr. Yangs father had been diagnosed with hepatitis B cirrhosis ascites. On July 16, he was admitted to the hospital for emergency treatment. The hospital issued two critical notices. The doctor said that the patients condition was relatively serious.

According to local health bureau staff, the nurses involved mistakenly gave the drugs from 45 beds of patients to 46 beds of patients, but the drugs used by the two patients were the same.

The above-mentioned staff also said that there was a mistake by the nurses involved, the drugs of 45 beds of patients were wrongly given to 46 beds, but the drugs used by the patients in these two beds were the same, the same manufacturer produced ceftriaxone sodium of the same batch number, and the dosage and proportion of saline used by the two patients were exactly the same. They are suffering from the same disease, and they are treated by the same doctor, who prescribes the same medicine to them.

The staff said that the nurses involved had been suspended from work and investigated. At present, the hospital is negotiating with family members about compensation. The hospital suggested that the autopsy should be carried out and the reasonable compensation should be made after the real cause of death of the elderly was found out.

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An old man died 3 hours after suspected wrong drug use in a hospital in Shaanxi Province

On July 16, my father was hospitalized due to liver cirrhosis. In the early morning of July 19, medical staff found that my father was not feeling well after infusion. Only when they saw that the name of his father was not written on the infusion bottle, the hospital staff mistakenly delivered other peoples medicine to his father, and his father died at about 3 a.m., and the hospital admitted that he had misused the drug. On July 21, Mr. Yang of Anli town in Chengcheng County still refused to believe the fact that his father died.

After the infusion, the old man coughed up blood and died at about 3 a.m

Why is a womans name written on his fathers infusion bottle?

Why was the name of a woman written on his fathers infusion bottle? Did the medical staff carefully check when changing the medicine? Mr. Yang and his family thought that the hospital should bear all the responsibility for this matter, and the wrong drug infusion was the direct cause of the death of the old man. On that day, the hospital admitted that there was a mistake in the infusion process, and negotiated with the hospital for compensation several times, but the hospital was only willing to make up for RMB 230000 Compensation. Our family cant accept this. Mr. Yang said.

On the morning of the 21st, the reporter of the Chinese business daily saw from the photo of the night provided by Mr. Yang that there was a female character on the infusion bottle and a handwritten number of 45. Mr. Yang said that 45 represents the bed number, and that bottle of medicine should be the medicine for the 45 bed next door.

Chengcheng Health Bureau: under treatment

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