The boy suspected that the teacher slapped him and peed his pants. Teacher: he patted his shoulder

 The boy suspected that the teacher slapped him and peed his pants. Teacher: he patted his shoulder

Mr. Wang brought his daughter-in-law to the kindergarten to pick up the baby. He found that the child was in a different state today. After inquiry, he found that his son Xiaoxin (pseudonym) had a conflict with his deskmate. He threw away Xiaoxins eraser, and Xiaoxin kicked the same table, which happened to be seen by the teacher. Mr. Wang said: I went to the school to check the monitoring. The monitoring showed that at 10:30, the teacher on duty pulled my baby over, slapped my baby, slapped his ear, and slapped my ass. whats more, after my child was scared to pee his pants, Mr. Ding stopped my child from going to the toilet. Its too much to admit these things.

After watching the video, Mr. Wang called the police and said, if the child is naughty and the teacher can spank his / her buttocks, I dont have any problem, but Ill slap him / her, frighten him / her to pee his / her pants and stop him / her from going to the toilet. This kind of corporal punishment is so bad that I cant tolerate it as a parent!

After the incident, Lu Liang, the head of the orchard kindergarten, was interviewed by a reporter from Huashang daily - ersanli. Lu Lu said: after learning about this, I checked the childs body for the first time, and found no bruises and other scars. Moreover, I checked with the teacher involved that she did not fan the childs face. After seeing Xiaoxin kicking her classmates, she pulled Xiaoxin over and patted her shoulder, and Xiaoxin subconsciously covered her face There may be ambiguity. After he found out that he peed his pants, the teacher called to ask the parents to pick up the child and change his pants. The teacher was aware of his mistake and apologized to the parents and the children. The kindergarten teacher has been teaching for a year, and there was no beating before. Before, he came to the school for interview with the teachers qualification certificate and other procedures. After a months probation, he was officially employed The teacher was taken to the Xincheng police station. The police said that if the teacher could not mediate in private, the teacher might be detained for 10 days. At present, we still advocate that we want to mediate with the parents. Now the kindergartens treatment is to expel the teacher involved and post a public apology at school.

In the afternoon, Mr. Wang took his son to the Department of Stomatology of Ankang central hospital. After examination and diagnosis, it was indicated that the clinical diagnosis was right cheek soft tissue contusion. Today I just checked my face. Tomorrow I will take my son to check his ears again to see if there are any other injuries, Mr. Wang said

Police officer Zhang told reporters: the teacher is still in the police station, now we are in the stage of investigation and evidence collection, there is no final conclusion.

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