Easy moment voice version: 4-year-old sea, 5-year-old heaven, you dare to believe?

 Easy moment voice version: 4-year-old sea, 5-year-old heaven, you dare to believe?

What was the most powerful thing you did as a child?

Q: have you ever been lost by navigation? How did you get lost?

Bailing, a wechat netizen, said:

At that time, I drove the navigation system to the high speed in the middle of the night. I waited for the navigation to say to drive right out of the high speed, but I didnt say anything about it for a long time.

The more I went, the more I felt something was wrong. The truth was that the navigation signal was stuck, so I had to drive to Inner Mongolia and return.

Wechat netizens a grain of dust said:

When you drive to the intersection, turn right, turn around at the first intersection, and then turn right at the intersection. This clearly means that you can go straight at the intersection, but you have to make a detour. This happens several times a year in a strange environment

Compere: I dont blame you. Its the navigation that let you go. Its good that youre just going around the crossroads now. In the future, maybe its like school flower shop wilderness to the seaside as Lin Yujia sang

Wechat netizen potassium cyanide wants to order a song:

Dear host, I am an audience in Dalian. In 2016, I found a relaxing moment on Netease clouds radio station for the first time on the high-speed rail back to Dalian. From then on, I fell in love with the hosting style of big waves of gentleness and humor, and became a loyal fan of relaxed moment.

I feel that God can arrange us to meet again, which is the blessing of the goddess of luck. So I want to order a song how lucky to give to my girlfriend. I want to tell her that the luckiest thing in my life is to be with her, and I will love her well for the rest of my life.

At the same time, I wish the relaxed moment and big wave get better and better. I really feel very lucky to have you with me.

@@VIDEO= http://mobilepics.ws.126.net/R0pL%3DrohsqpDB6RJLrxnV73nsu8CWWVr%3D%3DHAGVKEBO.mp3 , http://mobilepics.ws.126.net/R0pL%3DrohsqpDB6RJLrxnV73nsu8CWWVr%3D%3DHAGVKEBO.mp3 IMG= http://cms-bucket.ws.126.net/2020/0718/8a341c8bj00qdmzlj0014c000g0006kc.jpg ALT = how lucky broadcast: in size [email protected]@

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Old rules, I wish you all hair thick, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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