The first anniversary of the countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games: does the changing situation bring new hope

 The first anniversary of the countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games: does the changing situation bring new hope

Exterior view of the Japanese national arena.

When night falls one day later, the new national arena will announce the arrival of the planets once-in-a-year sports event with a grand opening ceremony.

But now, the 96 year old grand building can only wait for sunrise in the long night, just like the 365 days and nights since then, the world sports arena has to wait and breed new hope in the changing situation.

here was no parallel in history

Olympic preparation back on track

On March 24, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) made an unprecedented difficult decision when people around the world were still under the cover of the new coronavirus and were forced to spread the epidemic rapidly.

The Tokyo Olympic Games, which was originally scheduled to be held in 2020, was postponed for one year, and the Olympic movement ushered in the unprecedented changes in a century.

Japanese Olympic elements can be seen everywhere in Tokyo.

From the International Olympic Committee, the international sports individual organizations, and even everyone closely related to the Olympic movement, they quickly put into action in this dramatic change, or joined hands, or called for, or prayed silently

After the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the brand-new outline is more and more clearly presented in front of the world.

After the treacherous wrangling between the two parties, the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) finally reached an agreement on the cost of the extension. The latter injected a boost of up to 650 million US dollars into the Tokyo Olympic Games and brought the postponed Olympic Games back on track from the edge of the second crisis.

At the same time, the preparations for the postponement of the Olympic Games are also unfolding from scratch.

In this unexpected whirlpool, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee are speeding up efforts to solve the secondary problems caused by the Olympic postponement.

In 2020, Youming gymnasium of Tokyo Olympic Games will be completed and opened.

To ensure that the original venues can continue to be used in the postponed competition time has become one of the key tasks of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.

In early July, all the venues for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games were finalized, marking a substantial step in the preparations after the Olympic Games were delayed for more than three months.

Subsequently, a series of accompanying problems such as the schedule of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the qualification of athletes and the qualification competition have settled down.

The thorny problems faced by the world sports have been solved one by one, and the Tokyo Olympic Games is increasingly moving towards the goal of becoming a victory sign of fighting the epidemic.

public opinions are divergent

Doubts remain over the cancellation

The preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games are back on track, which undoubtedly gives great confidence to the world sports arena.

Takeo minoro, chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, also stressed that he was confident enough to hold a safe Olympic Games. After the postponement of the Olympic Games, it took us only four months to finalize the whole schedule. The International Olympic Committee expressed great appreciation for this.

The Olympic countdown clock is located in front of Tokyo Station in Japan.

However, with the epidemic still raging around the world, the decision-making power of whether the Tokyo Olympic Games can be held as scheduled is no longer in the hands of the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.

After the storm, the rainbow does not appear immediately, and the clouds of cancellation or postponement are still hanging over Tokyo.

On July 19, local time, a public opinion survey released by Kyodo news agency showed that only 23.9% of the respondents supported that the Tokyo Olympic Games should be held as planned in the summer of 2021. But a month ago, 46.3% of respondents agreed that the Olympic Games would be held as scheduled.

Behind the data cut is the loss of confidence under the pressure of all parties, including the epidemic situation, the economy and the peoples hearts.

Japans support for the Olympic Games

The pessimistic prediction from Japanese medical experts forced the organizers to explain for many times. International Olympic Committee President Bach if still cant hold, it will be cancelled speech, even more caused the shock of all parties.

The postponement to 2021 has already left the organizers with an additional cost of 300 billion yen. I am afraid that no one can bear the consequences if there is a regeneration accident.

Recently, Yoshiro Mori, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, has revealed that the loss of cancelling the Olympic Games is huge, resulting in waste of two to three times that of holding the Olympic Games.

Although Bach once again stated that we are here to organize the competition, not to cancel the competition, I am afraid it can not change the embarrassing situation of Tokyo Olympic Games once again in a dilemma.

Until next spring, the cone of destiny for the Games is still up in the air.

Olympic rings outside the national arena

heed previous examples

Change breeds new direction

The sudden epidemic has brought great shock to the Olympic movement. However, after the initial panic, the active cooperation of the International Olympic Committee, national (regional) Olympic committees and international individual organizations also provides new ideas for the sustainable development of the Olympic Games in the post epidemic era.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were forced to be postponed, and the economic losses caused by this move also led to doubts about the excessive spending of the Olympic Games.

In fact, for decades, there have been many criticisms of this kind. Countries and regions are increasingly worried about bidding for such a large-scale international sports event.

To some extent, the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games has accelerated the reform of the IOC in reducing the cost of hosting the games from top to bottom.

Among them, reducing the bidding budget is one of the three suggestions put forward by the IOC in the Olympic 2020 agenda.

The beds, tables, wardrobes and other furniture used in the Olympic village of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Village of the Paralympic Games were unveiled. The leg of the bed was made of cardboard.

In this regard, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach once said: we will make the Olympic Games more economical, feasible and approachable. The budget cuts for the 2026 Winter Olympics and the substantial increase in interest in bidding for the future Winter Olympics have proved this.

At the 136th session of the IOC held on July 17, the Organizing Committee of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games reported the new progress of the preparatory work to all members of the IOC. Compared with before, both the procedures and the scale of venue construction have been simplified to varying degrees.

In response to the impact of the epidemic, the Paris Olympic Games plans to further reduce the proportion of temporary venues and make more use of existing venues, of which only 5% are newly built.

With the number of athletes down to 10500, the total construction capacity of the Olympic village has been reduced from 17000 beds in the previous Olympic Games to 14250 beds.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games countdown device appeared in Shougang office area of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee

everything in good order and well arranged

Preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics

However, the closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games is only about six months away from the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The new situation caused by the cycle compression also brings new challenges to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In this regard, the International Olympic Committee hopes that all parties will continue to work closely together to take advantage of this opportunity to achieve a perfect connection between the two Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee calls it from peak to peak.

Christopher Duby, director of the Olympic Games department, also said that the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Beijing Winter Olympics, as two Olympic Games with very close time, can benefit from each others attention and the Olympic movement as a whole will benefit.

The national snowmobile and sled center is under construction. Beijing major office supply map

When the domestic epidemic prevention and control has achieved important phased results, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games also have good news - all the new venues in Beijing competition area of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be completed in 2020, and the Beijing and Yanqing competition areas will be fully qualified to host the games by the end of 2020.

In the past six months, the International Olympic Committee has repeatedly praised the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics during the epidemic.

Juan an Samaranch, vice president of the International Olympic Committee, once said: it shows their determination to provide the perfect stage for the worlds top winter athletes with less than two years to go.

The arrival of the Tokyo Olympic Games will push the Olympic atmosphere to a climax. And a few months after this exciting moment, we will have the Beijing Winter Olympics again. Therefore, we are sure that this will help to create an atmosphere for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Said Dolby.

Now, the Tokyo Olympic Games has entered the countdown again, which also makes the outside world look forward to the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. (by Wang Yu)