Rare earth permanent magnet plate goes up against the trend: Earth bear plate rose 23percent at one time

 Rare earth permanent magnet plate goes up against the trend: Earth bear plate rose 23percent at one time

According to the prospectus, the earth bear plans to raise 352 million yuan, which will be used for the construction of high-performance sintered NdFeB magnets for 1500 tons of automobile motors and the R & D center of rare earth permanent magnet materials to supplement the working capital.

Earth bear is committed to the R & D, production and sales of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials, and has developed into one of the well-known enterprises in the industry. The company has independently developed and mastered a number of core technologies covering the fields of magnet preparation, machining, surface protection and regenerative manufacturing of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials. It is an enterprise with core patent technology in the whole process.

In the industry, the price of dysprosium oxide rose slightly on the 22nd. Merchants said that the dysprosium oxide market was gradually active and the inquiry was positive, and the quotations of large factories began to rise. It was rumored that there was receiving behavior in the market, which drove up the price of dysprosium oxide. Praseodymium neodymium and terbium prices are mainly stable, business quotation is firm, the possibility of price reduction is not large.

Huachuang Securities pointed out that in recent years, the price trend of domestic light rare earth market has risen, with downstream on-demand procurement as the main factor, and merchants purchasing sentiment has improved, and it is expected that prices will continue to rise in the future. At the same time, the export market is expected to recover with the gradual resumption of work and production of overseas downstream enterprises.

Wanlian securities nonferrous industry weekly observation points out that the rare earth plate is worthy of long-term attention. In order to protect and reasonably develop the superior mineral resources, China continues to control the total amount of rare earth and tungsten mines. Government support, coupled with the continued hot new energy vehicle sector, the growth of demand for rare earth elements will drive the future development of rare earth plate. It is suggested to pay attention to relevant stocks.