The latest 7Nm 5g chip Tianji 720 released! MediaTek promotes the popularization of 5g mid end smart phones

 The latest 7Nm 5g chip Tianji 720 released! MediaTek promotes the popularization of 5g mid end smart phones

Tianji 720 belongs to mediatek5g series chips, including Tianji 1000 series which can be used in flagship 5g smart phones, and Tianji 800 series and 700 series for universal 5g middle end mobile devices.

Dr. Li Yanji, deputy general manager of MediaTek wireless communication business unit, said: Tianji 720 has set a new benchmark, providing a functional 5g technology and user experience for popular terminals in the mass market. This energy-efficient 5gsoc has strong performance, excellent display and imaging technology. The integration of these features will help terminal manufacturers create differentiated 5g devices for global consumers.

Tianji 720 adopts 7Nm process and integrates low-power 5g modem. The chip supports mediatek5g ultrasave power saving technology, and can dynamically adjust the working mode of the modem according to the network environment and data transmission conditions, so as to extend the battery life. Tianji 720 also integrates excellent multimedia, wireless connection and video functions to enhance the comprehensive experience of users.

Enhance hdr10 + video quality and optimize the display effect of video stream through mediatekmiravision. Support a variety of video optimization functions, such as dynamic range remapping.

Support flexible camera configuration, up to 64 million pixel camera, 20 million + 16 million pixel dual camera combination. The integrated mediatekapu (AI processor) also provides a range of AI camera enhancements.

Integrated voice wake-up (vow) function can minimize the standby power consumption of voice assistant. Support dual microphone noise reduction technology, voice assistant can hear user voice clearly even in noisy environment.

Tianji 720 supports advanced 5g communication technologies, including independent (SA) and non independent (NSA) networking in sub-6ghz band, 5g dual carrier aggregation (2ccca), vonr voice service, and 5g and 4G dual card dual standby (DSDS), so that users can get a better communication experience.

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