Deny IPO plan but pave the way for IPO

 Deny IPO plan but pave the way for IPO

In the view of industry insiders, although the rumors are denied, JUNLEBAOs actions in recent years are paving the way for listing. On July 1, 2019, Mengniu sold 51% equity of JUNLEBAO to Penghai fund and Jungan management with a total price of 4.011 billion yuan. Since then, JUNLEBAO has separated from Mengniu.

At that time, a dairy expert told the associated press, after Sanlus fall, Hebei Province will certainly support a dairy enterprise. At present, JUNLEBAO is the only dairy enterprise with a large scale in Hebei Province. Take back the shares held by Mengniu, JUNLEBAO is really a dairy enterprise in Hebei Province.

After single flight, the companys shareholders changed one after another. In March 2020, Sequoia Capital China fund completed its strategic investment, with an investment amount of more than 1.2 billion yuan, and became the largest institutional shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 15.26%. During the same period, Zhuhai Hillhouse equity investment partnership, Ningbo Youcheng investment partnership and Shijiazhuang Penghao venture capital fund were added to the list of shareholders.

In June 2020, Penghai fund withdrew from its shareholder list and added new shareholders, Tianjin Ping An consumer technology investment partnership (limited partnership), Qiushi Xingde (Tianjin) Investment Center (limited partnership), Shanghai barmao investment management partnership (limited partnership), Chunhua Shaojing (Tianjin) equity investment partnership (limited partnership).

Chunhua and Ping An are excellent investment institutions in the industry. They are full of confidence in JUNLEBAOs future and will help JUNLEBAO develop better. The company said.

Data show that JUNLEBAOs previous business was mainly yogurt, and now it covers yogurt, milk powder and other products. Wei Lihua, chairman of JUNLEBAO dairy group, disclosed at the companys strategy conference at the beginning of this year that the groups sales revenue in 2019 increased by 25% year-on-year, and the revenue reached 16.25 billion yuan; among them, the production and sales of milk powder reached 75000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 62%, while the share of milk powder in the groups business sector reached 40%, and the goal of 2020 was to break through 100000 tons of milk powder production and sales.

At present, Chinas dairy industry has entered a differentiation node. With the intensification of competition, it is very obvious that the strong will remain strong and the weak will remain weak. For example, some regional dairy enterprises have not performed as expected. Entering the capital market and raising funds can enhance our moat and enhance our comprehensive strength. IPO is obviously the most favorable tool. Zhu danpeng said.

Some industry insiders also pointed out to the financial association that at present, domestic dairy enterprises of the same magnitude as junle Bao have already been listed on the stock market, such as Feihe dairy and new hope dairy. JUNLEBAO has fallen behind by a step, the company is making various preparations for listing, which is not recognized at present, but only lacks an opportunity for recognition.

It is understood that many dairy enterprises are in the process of listing. Recently, Wandashan purchased financial and legal services related to its listing. The holding company Heilongjiang Beidahuang agricultural reclamation Group Corporation also said on the official micro blog that Wandashan would realize IPO listing before 2025, and realize revenue of 10 billion yuan and market value of 10 billion yuan by 2025. Insiders of Shengyuan also disclosed to the Financial Association that the company also has a listing plan.

Source of this article: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of CFA_ NF