Alpha egg programmer S1, intelligent toy in AI Era

 Alpha egg programmer S1, intelligent toy in AI Era

[car body

Five in one modeling, more changes, continuous update, build from easy to difficult, cultivate childrens patience, care and concentration. 528 + pieces of high-quality granular building blocks, each particle can restore the feeling of LEGO to the greatest extent, compatible with official LEGO particles

u3002 30 cm fall to prevent falling, the car body structure is carefully designed, stable, off-road, racing, obstacle avoidance and even collision do not need to worry

u3002 LEGO compatible, let children use every particle around them and recreate.


App breakthrough course, without the guidance of teachers and parents, children can independently complete the programming game, deeply optimize the international popular graphic programming system, and guide children to contact the programming world from the simple to the deep

App medal system, bring fun learning and play experience, complete the challenge, get the medal of honor

Lets speed up the teaching and playing with the gyroscope

App style building map, zooming in and out, building cant find particles, animation encouragement, Alfa Bo background music to help focus

App official continuous update, let children fall in love with creation, more programming expansion pack has been launched, convenient for later upgrade

[technology] alpha egg programming machine S1 uses the improved scratch graphical tool of beehive, and adds guided level design to guide children to start easily.

[specification parameters

Product weight: 1120g, whole box

Product size: 230 * 155 * 130mm

Product material: ABS, PC

Product outer packing: 336mm * 251mm * 55mm

Play time: 15 minutes in remote control mode and 1 hour in programming mode

Charging time: 40 minutes

Connection mode: wireless connection

3. Functional features

The main functions of S1 are building, programming, entertaining and remote control.

Construction: 528 + texture particles, restore LEGO feel, compatible with official LEGO particles, providing high-quality splicing experience.

Childrens programming is easy, and children can be programmed independently by using app.

Education in music: it contains app electronic drawings, racing and interactive levels, and Alfa Bo music, which helps to open up a new interesting building. Among them, code era series is a large series of intelligent building block cars, and the alpha egg programming machine a S1 will only have more cool smart cars to launch, such as ejection, blasting, high wind, etc.

Connection mode: support 2.4G Bluetooth connection. Compatible with IOS / Android system.