Fat dissolving needle, slimming medicine, vomiting, how to get from 116 kg to 98 kg

 Fat dissolving needle, slimming medicine, vomiting, how to get from 116 kg to 98 kg

I said, I used to 116 kg, now 98 kg, is only from a fat man to lose weight to a normal girls weight.

If you want to make a thinner net red, you can only have 80 Jin.

My friend said, think about how many times you missed out on the camera because of your weight.

I dont know what youll try to lose weight, but I feel like Ive tried all of them.

She has been given fat dissolving needle, vomit, meal substitute powder and diet pills.

I didnt think I was fat. When I was 116 kg, I was very confident. At that time, I didnt buy pants when I bought clothes.

I said I must show my legs. Why not.

I especially like a boy, bubble a girl, I think very common.

Whats the use of that.

A boy was so fat that he had no muscle.

And a sharp angular, chest and abdominal muscles of the boy, the first eye is that will feel, ah, thin that handsome.

Peoples concept of fat people is just vague: she should look good when shes thin.



When I was thin to 98, the boy who sent dont take that fat girl to his friend began to ask me to play games and go out of the secret room.

In fact, its very difficult. I used to eat too much and cry at the same time. I think its really hard to fight against appetite. In my next app, I calculated the calories in every bite, and ended up eating too much and stuffing a lot of fried chicken into my mouth.

At that time, I used to eat only eggs and cucumbers for two days. On the third day, I couldnt help eating KFCs whole barrel alone.

While eating, I want to fan my mouth.

Every day I ate and vomited and continued to eat. If I couldnt spit out, I sat by the toilet in a hurry.

When I went out to dinner with my friends, I found that I had habitual esophageal reflux.

Run to the toilet and spit in the garbage can.

I check the information on the Internet, only to know that vomiting will overeat, will make the gills grow, will be very ugly.

It took me a long time to adjust my eating.


Ive been looking for ways to lose weight quickly.

Ive taken all kinds of diet pills.

Early eat, is a little thin, to the late, eat it can only maintain weight.

Still insomnia, palpitations in the middle of the night.

After stopping the medicine, eat very, very little, will also slowly rebound.


I spent a lot of time despairing because of my weight.

Many times in retrospect, whether I am a little thinner, I and some peoples ending will be different.

Because its not good enough, hes the one whos been given up. Because hes given up, he continues to drink and have a snack. Its a vicious circle.

Its true that lovelorn will lose weight.

However, the weight loss after lovelorn may be accompanied by overeating, drinking and drinking. In short, there are many strange situations.

But it doesnt matter. Its like its much better now.


Of course, in addition to my body, there will be a lot of things to like, and I feel the same way.

But I also like handsome men, like to look at abdominal muscles, so I also understand boys.

I wanted to change all of a sudden.

So I started making nails, hands and feet.

Catch eyelashes, eat melatonin, delay aging.

Whole body depilation, whole body spa.

This is the first time Im not doing this for a boy.


I think a lot of girls dont put themselves in the best and most beautiful state that they can do at this stage.

Because Im lazy, I know. Im lazy, too.

You just like it when you are a little bit good-looking, which is different from that when you have smooth skin, good figure and delicate face.

I feel that I have been put down many times, I want to try, is not I become a better self, many things will end differently.

I dont seem to have a lot of... Dependence on a person.


I calmly repeated, and found that the reason why I cant let go of a certain relationship is because I was at that stage.

It doesnt matter.

When I always want to lose weight quickly, I cant hold on.

But this time I was very rare, close to a little bit of perfection and success.


I can try to be perfect before I meet the person who will love me imperfect.

I think if you want to lose weight, for the sake of beauty, of course.

Beauty is not just about losing weight.

I dont know what Im talking about.

Just, lets get better together.

If youre the one whos been given up because youre not good enough, dont get the idea that someones going to find your bright spot.