Zhejiang University incident: only those who abide by the rules are worthy of protection by the unit

 Zhejiang University incident: only those who abide by the rules are worthy of protection by the unit

The document, entitled Zhejiang Universitys decision on giving nuxx a detention for observation, shows that nuxx, a 2016 grade student of Zhejiang University, was sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment and suspended for one year and six months by the peoples Court of Xihu District of Hangzhou city on April 17, this year in the name of rape.

If he doesnt, hes probably doing better.

Then, according to the provisions of Article 17, paragraph 1 (3) of the measures for dealing with students violation of discipline of Zhejiang University, the university will give nuxx a detention for 12 months, which can automatically apply for cancellation upon expiration.

This means that as long as a rapist does not violate the laws and regulations within 12 months, he can successfully graduate and get a degree certificate from a famous university.

To tell you the truth, even Im a bit empty. After all, I have been teaching for eight years, and several students have been kept in school for inspection. Some students take notes in exams, some are domineering roommates, and some are absent from classes. The lightest one is the use of illegal electrical appliances in the dormitory.

Most of the students here, I have done ideological work. I told them that the punishment was given in order to give them a wake-up call and prevent them from going astray in school in the future. As long as the latter is good, the punishment can be revoked.

Most of these people still dont hate me.

Good guy, you came to Zhejiang University to rape and was sentenced. All of them are just on probation. How do you want me to face these students?

In terms of procedure, Zhejiang University does not violate the rules.

In accordance with Article 17 of the measures for dealing with students violation of discipline in Zhejiang University, students who are sentenced to public surveillance, criminal detention or independent application of additional punishment by judicial organs, or sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and suspended sentence, shall be given the punishment of staying in school or being expelled from school.

This or has a lot of space.

You should know that there is no or stay for inspection option in the regulations of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Nankai University and other universities.

Interestingly, in the same school of Zhejiang University, the school did not hesitate to remove the students who committed theft.

Then why did the school give so little discretion to nuxx.

Therefore, the reason given by the school is: considering that nuxx is the first offender, has strong repentance, and comes from ethnic poor areas, and is also a graduate, starting from saving ethnic students, we hope to take appropriate measures.

As a result, this explanation further aroused the anger of the masses.

There is no bottom line to connive at the scum of ethnic minorities, so that the adherence of law-abiding ethnic minorities is worthless.

In fact, according to the continuous information on the Internet, nuxx will not be a first offender and is not poor.

Nuxx is fond of photography, and it is normal that he failed to get a degree certificate because he failed. On Weibo, nuxx ranked 126 in the class with 128 students in total, with 114 credits, while the average class level has reached more than 140 points.

Mr. Nu likes to smoke everyday. He has been renting outside since his junior year. In addition, there are many people in the alumni circle who say they have been molested by him.

For this reason, it is really difficult for me to agree with the basis of nuxxs school that in order to save teaching students, the school should handle it lightly as appropriate.

At least I dont see the attitude of the victims, and whether nuxx has actively compensated and compensated for the damage.

If such behavior can not get effective punishment, all lenient treatment, then this is a great disrespect for campus women.

Of course, the general crime of rape is more than three years, why nuxx is still suspended for a year and a half.

This is because the court held that his conduct was a suspension of the crime.

According to a criminal judgment issued by the peoples Court of Xihu District in Hangzhou, numou took advantage of the victims drunkenness to kiss and touch the victims pudendum, intending to have sexual relations with him. The victim resisted and said he would call the police, but Nu stopped because he was afraid.

However, Wang Ruien, a legal expert, has different opinions.

The fact claimed by the prosecution is that the victim resisted and claimed to call the police. Then, because the victim resisted and claimed to call the police, rape was not carried out. In judicial practice, there are also cases of attempted crime.

If the victim resisted fiercely and called the police, it should be regarded as attempted.

Whats more, if nuxx has actually forced to kiss the victim and touch the victims genitals, then it must constitute the crime of indecency.

According to the file of Harbin Institute of technology, Yang, a senior in the school of computer science and technology, looked for Huang in two exams and were expelled for cheating in the exam.

It is reported that Yang has obtained an offer from a well-known Internet company. At that time, Yang was interning in Shenzhen. In order to accumulate enough credits, he took two courses, namely, the wisdom enlightenment of Tao Te Ching and narrative anecdotes of a dream of Red Mansions. As Yang was in Shenzhen during the examination, he asked his classmate Huang to take the exam for him.

In response to this, on July 20, the University of Harbin Institute of technology responded that this matter was implemented by the college according to the school documents, which have been handed over to the students themselves.

Because of cheating, four years of study career in vain, the annual salary of 300000 work is in a flash. In contrast, rapists can graduate smoothly and enjoy life.

So some netizens joked that those who made mistakes were not as good as those who committed crimes. In the future, they would rather commit crimes than make mistakes.

The editorial attitude of Guangming Daily is as follows:

If the lighter acts are investigated, the heavier ones should be investigated. As a basic common sense, the crime of rape is more serious than cheating in the examination. If cheating in the examination is given the punishment of expulsion, the crime of rape is obviously not suitable to be detained for inspection. The light punishment is unfair to the injured parties and damages the authority of laws and regulations.

In fact, this behavior of Zhejiang University is not really trying to save students.

Its deep logic is still a kind of harmony and slime treatment method which is deeply resented by the people.

The reason why he didnt want to punish nuxx heavily is that he was afraid that nuxx would make trouble with the people behind him.

Some time ago, a college teacher caught a student cheating, and the school finally jumped. So parents frequently tweeted on the microblog, asking the school to return my son..

In a survey, one fifth of netizens still believe that the school has made mistakes in this matter.

A lot of people start to be compassionate.

As a result, all the condemnation of nuxx on the Internet has become network violence.

Some time ago, an undergraduate student in a university had been stealing takeaway when he was reviewing for postgraduate entrance examination, and was finally detained.

As a result, one after another, the Internet Storm article yelled

It is a shame for the whole society that college students steal takeout because of hunger.

The above two articles have been read by million plus, praised by 100000 plus, and rewarded by more than 10000 yuan.

Originally, I criticized the harmony and slime approach many times. I think it is a lazy policy of relevant departments, and it is also a trample on good law-abiding people.

However, recently, it has gradually been found that there is a mass basis for the hesheni type of treatment, that is, no bottom line forgiveness.

In many peoples minds, once the perpetrator has any tragedy, it can become a reason for many people to get rid of their crimes, and eventually develop into the idea of I am weak and I am reasonable.

Hes still a child. Even if he kills and rapes, he has a bright future.

Mr. Zhou, Im old and cant take classes. Youre the only one. As for why I still have to be rated as excellent at the end of the year, because the unit needs to mobilize my enthusiasm. Dont be unhappy, I kindly remind you that when the water is full, you will be complacent if you have some achievements, and you will suffer a great loss sooner or later!

Its strange. Isnt the courier who was stolen delivery not worthy of sympathy. How much will he be fined if he loses a single order, or how much verbal insults are made by customers? Is it because his family is not poor, and he is not worthy of attention?

Do young university teachers have to let the old professors squeeze them and hold them down in order to take care of the lazy when they are most creative and energetic. Who will make scientific research contribution to the country? Are the patients who are waiting for death in hospital beds because of special diseases not pitiful, and the students who work hard but cant get the guidance of teachers?

In the final analysis, too many people, lacking the awe of the rules, impose their unprincipled compassion and violence on the victims who will not make trouble.

As a result, the relevant management departments are more harmonious and put the social good customs far away.

There is a saying in the story of you boudoir written by Shi Junmei of Yuan Dynasty

Zhu Yuanzhang declined this sentence. Zhu Yuanzhang said: the Yuan government is not in line, the heaven will change its fate, and the foolish people who are prone to chaos will prosper... Therefore, (innocent people) will never die well.

Finally, I hope the relevant administrators of Zhejiang University can remember a famous saying of president Zhu Kezhen.

Only ask right and wrong, regardless of interests..