Recitation may have, may not have; may go, may stay

 Recitation may have, may not have; may go, may stay

In life, there are always some involuntarily far away, inadvertently, reduced to the past. The old in a hurry, has never been the scenery, but leaves the person.

In life, there are always some people who dont care when you care the most; there are always some things that dont maintain when you keep them in mind;

There are always some things that you dont cherish when you cherish the most; there is always a place where you dont miss when you are most nostalgic.


Just like when your heart has been overloaded and your feelings have been precipitated, it is meaningless for me to take out 20 points of sincerity and enthusiasm again.

So, when all the sincerity and enthusiasm in our hearts are soaked with fickleness and coolness, we may miss and hurt, but you will still choose to turn away and walk away.

In fact, life, there are many things are overdue. Its like meeting with many people. Its like turning around and leaving, or seeing you all the time.

Once thought that they will never alienate some people, some things. Today, however, unexpected light and light, as the wind and smoke.


If, when I am lonely and lonely, you turn a blind eye and play my spectator. Then, when the tears have fallen, the injury has passed, even if you keep more, I can only be a passer-by from now on.

Its too late to start all over again. Because you have not read, that cold thin heart, already indifferent!

No matter how you copy it, it is no longer the original appearance. At least, it is no longer the original mood.

Originally, a lot of times, those who will let people completely cold disappointment and pain, are quietly formed in the heart. Is once care about, only today indifference.

Since the past, why not look back?

Silence, random gathering and parting, even if alone, is a big step forward


If we say that flowers bloom, it is a kind of happiness of tears. Then, the flowers fall, should be a kind of melancholy moved.

Knowing that spring will come back, why cling to those vain waiting? Knowing that the fleeting years have passed and cant go back and forth, why should we seize the fragmentary shadow in memory and fail to live up to the present and the great time after?

Perhaps, between people, from the beginning, should be used to see each other from a distance, so that even if one day strangers, there will not be too much sadness and loneliness.

Life is short decades, the most important thing is to satisfy themselves, not to please others. Even if the best is like water, we should learn to be proud and independent.

However, yesterdays sun will never dry todays clothes. So no matter what kind of memory or moving yesterday gives to life, what we need is always to grasp the present and look forward to the future, rather than immerse ourselves in the past.

In this life, there are too many things to do and too many people to cherish. Dont waste unnecessary feelings and energy on those unnecessary people and things.

To learn to simplify life, to understand that in fact, all the encounters in life are just the alternation of passers-by and passers-by. Why do you have to cling to the idea of becoming a martyr?


The reason why people will worry is that their memory is too good, always remember those should not remember, and forget some should not be forgotten.

As for those who are wrong and in the past, there is no need to worry about them. Life is a process of constant interpretation. Sooner or later, you will understand that the origin, the fate and the separation are just ordinary. Why do you and I have to grieve and sigh?

When we understand the taste of the world, we also try to understand the indifference and indifference of others. No one is indifferent at the beginning, it is just a kind of forced to go through the vicissitudes.

Most of the time, perhaps only indifference is the best protection for yourself.

Sometimes, cherish, is to have better; and put down, is to better forward.

Good and bad are gone, good and bad are over. The fate of life, like the rain outside the window, drenched, wet; scattered, far away. If we do not allow it or not, it is no longer.

Therefore, life, it is always from farewell to tomorrow. Leave the good in the bottom of my heart, the light is good; put the sadness behind the head, forget the best.

Author: Xin Rou, formerly known as Tan Chengyan, is a member of China prose society, member of Western China prose society, and member of Inner Mongolia Writers Association. His works can be found in such media publications as young writers, selected western essays, readers Digest, Chongqing daily and other major literature websites. The prose was broadcast in the voice of China, a long night. The first edition of prose collection heart is soft like water and time is long, dont panic have been published nationwide. WeChat 1956930265, WeChat official account: XRxinyu.

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