May you be firm and pure, confident and humble, sunny and thorough

 May you be firm and pure, confident and humble, sunny and thorough

This is uncles notes. Its 9:30 every night

Accompany you through your years, warm and cold, cure you are in the line

Before love and bread, choose bread first.

Growing up is a process of adapting and getting used to tears.

u2014u2014Half life fate by Zhang Ailing

Its the artist who comes out of sorrow with ease.

u2014u2014Miran Kundera

May you be firm and pure, confident and humble, sunny and thorough.

The can opener was invented in 1858. Sometimes its like this, important things will come a step late, whether its life or love.

Everyone will disappear for a while when they are most disappointed. You will never know at that time, her world fell a rainstorm, all the stars in the sky were black.

Love clearly, hate directly, like sincerely, stand in the sun magnanimous, praise yourself loud and worthy.

u2014u2014Huang Yongyu

You cant decide whether tomorrow is sunny or rainy, whether the person who loves you can still stay with you, what you can get from persistence at the moment, but you can decide whether you have an umbrella ready today, whether you have a good lover, and whether you have enough efforts. You should never only see the distance ahead, but forget how long it took to get here. Today, try your best to do what is hard, but what will happen in the future Its a gift.

I want to quit my job, go to travel, eat delicious food or go to a favorite place to open a small shop to see the people coming and going. Unfortunately, I can only think about it. The reality is that there are endless classes every day, too much takeout, and life is inexorably netted by work.

Want to try exaggerated hair color, but has been a good girl; want to wantonly like to pay, but also afraid of black and blue. Want to rely on their own hobbies to plan their own life, but also afraid that the courage to put all his eggs in one basket will end in farce.