Before I got married, I slept with two scum men to talk about my husbands first reaction.

 Before I got married, I slept with two scum men to talk about my husbands first reaction.

They are in different production workshops of the same unit, there is little intersection, so they are familiar with each other at the meeting.

The first official meeting and dinner was in 2009 three years later.

Its a small restaurant at the gate of the factory.

But that day, Cheng Lu worked overtime. After a days tiredness, I was so hungry that I could smell anything I ate.

Do you have a virginity complex?

Are you sure youll give 60000 betrothal gifts?

Your mother treasure?

Fang Chuan was asked a little confused, shaking his head, nodding, and shaking his head.


Cheng Lus ex boyfriend is Cao Bo.

Like Fang Chuan, Cao Bo is also a colleague of Cheng Lu from different workshops in the same unit. I met Cao Bo in the summer of 2007, later than Fangchuan.

Cheng Lu clearly remembered that afternoon.

She received a call from a strange number, and the other party said, are you Cheng Lu?? Im Cao Bo.

Cheng Lu was stunned and said, you have the wrong number. I dont know you..

Cao Bo, I just know you.

After work, Cao Bo was really stuck at the gate of the factory. He said, I want to invite you to dinner.

Cheng Lu refused, Cao Bo was not angry, waiting at the gate every day. Cheng Lu admitted that she was moved by the domineering power.

Especially one day, it was dusk when Cheng Lu came out.

Cheng Lu immersed in such a quiet gentle, should be moved.

It was the first time that she took a serious look at the man named Cao Bo. He was tall, with delicate features and good taste in clothes.

He rode the car very fast, the wind whistling past his ears, like unscrupulous youth.


In fact, before Cao Bo, Cheng Lu had a first love affair lasting for five years.

First love is mostly similar. A little naive, a little greasy crooked, and a little stubborn.

Its the beginning of the school. The two of them were writing with each other, and they were together.

She likes to tilt her head and call him bright, thinking it will be like this for a lifetime.

At the beginning, Cheng Lus family disagreed. They are not in the same province. If they really want to be together, they will marry far away.

The greater the resistance, the more true love you feel.

Cheng Lu continues to love Daliang without telling her parents.

After graduation, Daliang successfully signed into a large-scale state-owned enterprise in Datong with rich treatment. Its a pity not to recruit girls.

Cheng Lu was admitted by a unit in his hometown of Jincheng.

The distance between the two became one at the end of Shanxi and the other at the other end of Shanxi.

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Long distance love with Daliang, running for more than half a year.

Therefore, Daliang pays all the travel expenses for Cheng Lu, and he will subsidize some of her living expenses.

Cheng Lu cant remember the day or the details. Cheng Lu feels Daliangs dislike. Her salary is a little far from his.

She tried to break up, trying to prove that her feelings were wrong.

Can break up words just export, big bright said, OK, but you have to give me back the money I spent for you.

Cheng Lu was stunned and found her heart cold.

Cheng Lus inner stubbornness was also aroused. She was determined to catch the net and say, OK, if you dare to make a report, I dare to call the police.. Look whos good.

And it also means that first love ends in the darkest and most disgraceful way.

Once said that grow old together has become a joke when you are young.

Da Liang left a sequela to Cheng Lu. Therefore, when she and Cao Bo began to fall in love, they put forward the idea of implementing the AA system economically.

What she often talks about is that you treat me to dinner, which is affection. No, its my duty.

Cao Bo was amused by her.


Love is love, care work is also in place. Cheng Lu was immersed in it and soon lived together.

Cohabitation is the most emotional test. I dont remember when Cheng Lu noticed something was wrong.

For example, she came back from work a little tired. After soaking her feet, she said, please wash my socks for me.. Cao Bo will say that men do great things, how can they do these little things.

Cao Bo said on the way back, dont use me in front of my mother in the future, she will be angry.

It must be admitted that Cao Bos so-called tyranny in love, in another way, is serious male chauvinism.

However, when talking about betrothal gifts, the direct discussion collapsed.

According to the custom, the bride price is 60000. Cao Bos family means that all the 60, 000 betrothal gifts should be taken back as dowry, not left to Cheng Lus parents.

Cheng Lus parents didnt like Cao Bo, because Cheng Lu liked it, and they didnt stop him.

But I cant bear the betrothal.

Cao Bos family disagreed and took turns to work for Cheng Lu.

Its not that the Cao Bo family cant afford the betrothal gift. They just dont want to give it. Cheng Lu was very upset.

What really broke Cheng Lu was that one day Cao Bo found a condom on the side of his pillow and told Cao Bo that he was about to get married. Why do you use this. Its all right when youre pregnant.

They dont know. Cheng Lu outside the door hears all of them.


Cheng Lu couldnt eat or sleep. After careful consideration, he broke up.

Cao Bo thought she was joking and didnt take it seriously.

He said, you told me that if you dont marry me, who else in our company will want you?. You wont find anything better for you than me. Who will give so many betrothal gifts?

Cheng Lu didnt get angry. She was relieved. She was glad she had time.

At that time, it was very difficult.

Seeing that he was hopeless, Cao Bo began to spread rumors in his unit that Cheng Lu was a gold digger, saying that she thought he had no money and talent, and that Cheng Lus character was not good.

Cheng Lus mentality is a little broken.

For a long time, the love she wanted in her heart was to have a couple for her whole life. Now its labeled a gold digger.

Its just a broken pot.

So when someone introduced him to him, Cheng Lu said, OK, lets talk about betrothal gifts first and then feelings.. The betrothal gift is 60000. If you dont get married, the money will be left to my parents.

With this as the premise, if you agree, you can meet, if you dont, you wont talk about it.

There is really a man gorgeous appearance, this person is Fang Chuan.

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After getting the affirmative answer, Fang Chuan called home directly to discuss the betrothal gift.

In the evening, my colleague found Cheng Lu and said, Fang Chuan, do you know?? He wants to be with you everywhere. Betrothal gifts have been discussed with the family, there are no problems, waiting for your reply.

Cheng Lu was so happy that some people didnt get scared away. She said, OK. See you then.

Then there was the meal at the gate of the factory.

Cheng Lu had little hope.

Before this, although I had no communication with Fang Chuan, I know that they are different in character and play in different circles.

Fang Chuan loves playing mahjong. And Cheng Lu is a little repellent to chess and cards. He thinks such a man is not progressive.

They dont seem to be in the same group.

But that meal changed Cheng Lus understanding of Fangchuan.

Especially when she asked three questions in a row and he gave such a positive answer, she suddenly felt that this man was a little cute.

So when Fang Chuan said, its better to have a try, she said, OK, try it..

In fact, there are not many opportunities to meet.

Because they are on shift and they are not in the same workshop, so the so-called try is to send a message and make a phone call.

A week later, they changed shifts and went to the city for a stroll.

But later, it was a little bit of a roller coaster ride.

The second week after the official contact, it is Valentines day.

The night before this, Cheng Lu took Fang Chuan to dinner with her best friend.

Half way friends boyfriend said, weekend together to buy diamond ring, Qixi Valentines Day proposal.

We all listen to jokes.

Its impossible to buy a diamond ring and propose after a weeks love.

But Fang Chuan, a fool, took the truth. He borrowed money from a friend, called his best friend, and asked him which shopping mall he was going to.

My best friends boyfriend laughed crazy. He said, dont you realize Im kidding??

When Fang Chuan told Cheng Lu that she was moved.

She said, do you really think it out?

Fang Chuan Hui, yes.

Cheng Lu said, Im not a virgin. Im going to receive 60, 000 betrothal gifts. As I told you, my two predecessors

Fang Chuan said, I know all about it.. Its not your fault. Im the only one to blame for not chasing you earlier. That Can you accompany me to choose the diamond ring? Im afraid its not the right choice.

Cheng Lu was a little confused.

After buying the ring, they went to the temple fair.

Fang Chuan said anxiously, auntie, please give me a chance to know me.

Cheng Lu was made to laugh.

So I met my parents. That night, Cheng Lus father said it was OK.

This is the first time Cheng Lu heard that his father must be alone. Her heart was a little surprised.

It may be that she has experienced two dregs in a row, but Fang Chuan has opened her heart.

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Every detail in this love seems to make Cheng Lu feel secure.

Cheng Lu cant cook.

When she went to Fangchuans house for the first time, he swung up his sleeve to help his mother cook.

Cheng Lu was surprised and said, can you cook??

Fang Chuan said, yes, its not difficult..

Cheng Lu asked, can you stew rice?

Fang Chuan said that was the simplest.

Cheng Lu asked again, why not use an electric cooker?

Fang Chuan said, dont worry, I will use any pot..

Fang Chuans mother was made to laugh by their conversation, and Cheng Lu felt that the man in front of him was very strong.

In the evening, she caught cold and vomited all over the floor. Fang Chuan busily cleaned up, without any impatience.

Cheng Lu thought that Fang Chuan might be the right person. What she didnt expect was that she got the certificate in the third month after she knew her.

At that time, their unit had a welfare housing policy for employees.

But if he goes to borrow money alone, the amount of loan is not enough.

This time its Fang Chuans turn to ask, have you really thought about it?

When she was with the first two men, she often worried about her gains and losses, but when she was with Fang Chuan, she only felt that the years were quiet.

In this way, get the certificate, have a house.

It was September 30, 2009, and she became Mrs. Fang.

With Fang Chuans maintenance, those rumors gradually disappeared. It is a lie to say that you are not moved.

Because of the down payment, Fang Chuans family couldnt get 60000 betrothal gifts.

Cheng Lu said in his mothers eyes, its OK.

In the end, the bride price was 38000.

Cheng Lus father also married 20000 yuan to start their new life.

In fact, people are like this, and haggard people together, will become more and more care. With good people, you will become more and more gentle.

At the end of the year, Cheng Lu and Fang Chuans children were born.

Cheng Lu fell into Fang Chuans pet. A word children often say is, you dont abuse dogs in front of me.

Sometimes Cheng Lu would think that maybe all the previous tribulations were for her to meet Fang Chuan at the last.

There have been conflicts and disputes over the years, but Cheng Lu never regretted marrying him. In Fang Chuans words, marrying Cheng Lu is the most correct decision he has ever made.

I hope every girl has the blessing of Cheng Lu. Even though she has been through a dreary man, she can still embrace love one day.

When true love comes, even the dust is shining.


It may be that she has experienced two dregs in a row, but Fang Chuan has opened her heart.