Is the husband of the lost woman in Hangzhou under control? Police refute rumors

 Is the husband of the lost woman in Hangzhou under control? Police refute rumors

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Strange disappearance of women 18 days community rumor: or with two sets of moving back to the house

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The woman was mysteriously missing at home for 15 days. The water was drained from the lake to collect the monitoring trace. There was no trace to restore (source: original)

On July 22, a woman from Sanbao Beiyuan community in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, has been missing for 18 days. Where did she go? Why cant the surveillance find it? Is she out of the neighborhood? There is something strange about every doubt.

On July 22, an upstream news reporter saw that after Lai Huili disappeared, every floor of his unit had been equipped with new cameras. The elevator car is also posted to look for people to benefit from the notice. Ive been looking for all the places I should be looking for. I havent heard from you. Said the sister-in-law of Huili.

Due to repeated investigations, no clues to Lai Huilis disappearance have been found. At present, Hangzhou police have set up a special team to investigate.

On July 22, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, after 18 days of laihuilis disappearance, a notice for missing people was posted in the elevator of the community. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

The missing woman, Lai Huili, is 53 years old.

She works as a janitor in an accounting firm. Shes very nice. I havent heard of any conflict with anyone. Said the sister-in-law who came to Huili.

It was the woman who was usually kind and family friendly, but disappeared in the early hours of July 5. 18 days after the incident, the matter is still in the neighborhood of the boiling.

Upstream news reporters in Sanbao Beiyuan community saw that the 18 storey building 4 to Huili is located in the southeast corner of the community, adjacent to the east gate of the community.

The family members who came to Huili said that after providing clues, if they could find laihuili, they would give a thank-you fee of 100000 yuan.

After 18 days, some of the papers on the notice for finding people have been damaged, but there is still no news of any benefit.

On July 22, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Huili lived in a local relocation community with a total height of 18 floors. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

Its strange. The surveillance didnt get any trace of the missing woman

On July 6, her husband received a phone call from Huilis work unit and learned that she had not been on duty that day. He found out that the matter was strange and called the police. In the morning of the previous day, he and Lai Huili had prescribed blood pressure lowering drugs. In the afternoon, he and his little daughter went to the bookstore and bought a cake. They did not find any emotional abnormality.

When searching for Huilis belongings, the family members found that they did not take their wallets, mobile phones, keys and coats with them. They only wore a brown suspender pajamas.

To Huilis sister-in-law said that after Lai Huili disappeared, her family checked all the surveillance videos in the community and found no trace of her. After the police called the police, while checking the monitoring of the community, they also searched the sewers, pipe wells, underground parking lots, rooftops and other accessible areas. They even drained the pool water of the small garden 200 meters away from the community and investigated the surrounding residents homes, but there was no clue.

On July 22, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, at least four groups of cameras were installed at the entrance of the residential area of Huili. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

We stayed up late and checked the surveillance for three days, and we didnt see her leaving the community. The sister-in-law of Huili said that they had always thought that Huili was still in the community and didnt go out, but they just couldnt find any useful clues, and the family were very anxious.

Upstream news reporters learned from the local police station that the Jianggan District branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau has formed an investigation team, which is under investigation. No clues related to laihuilis house relocation have been found.

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