What behaviors of boys make people feel warm and cultured?

 What behaviors of boys make people feel warm and cultured?

He is gentle and relaxed. He doesnt easily expose others shortcomings and jokes.

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The colleague who worked together before was usually a person with a bit of a cheap mouth. He called to quarrel with his boyfriend and cried. He just saw him. I thought he would laugh at me, and then told other colleagues, but he did not. He comforted me for a long time and made me laugh. He did not tell anyone about it. After that time, I had a different impression of him

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Crossing the road will take my hand and leave the dangerous side for myself

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Drink without ice

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No matter how angry you are, no matter how big the misunderstanding is, you should patiently explain it.

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When there are people around, they will leave the door

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A new colleague of the company team came to dinner together for the first time. It rained when I drove the car. Other people in the car all got off the car and took umbrellas while waiting for me. He was the only one who got out of the car to hold an umbrella for me. When I took the key and closed the door, I felt that it was really too gentle. I usually spoke in a gentle voice and knew how to take care of others Peoples feelings, this kind of boy is too friendly

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Know how to keep a distance with girls, dont say dirty words casually, know how to say thank you.

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When going up and down the vertical ladder, he would block the door with his hand and wait until he came in. At night, he would sit on the chair in the direction of the wind to block the wind for me. Even if he drank too much, he would only tell me: I like you, but he was so gentle that whenever I think about it, he would feel that he could be treated so gently Dont be too lucky.

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When drinking with girls, let the girls mean and drink all of them

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