Older single young women tell you: blind date is not simple, behind is a plan of parents

 Older single young women tell you: blind date is not simple, behind is a plan of parents

A reader told me that she was 26 years old and had never been in love.

Forced by the pressure of her age and family, she had to start a blind date. However, she had a subconscious aversion to blind date, and she had no yearning for love and marriage.

The reason why she lost her yearning heart has something to do with her mothers sudden death.

It may also make her look more open, or want to live in the present, want to live a little selfish, follow their own inner thoughts, a person on a person, as the situation.

She didnt want to go against her will and force herself to marry and have children in the eyes of others.

If you can meet a person who loves each other, you may suddenly meet someone who wants to fall in love and get married.

They are eager to meet the right person, but they can also adjust their expectations, even if they dont meet the right person, they can accept their single status.

So, live a good life, in order to maintain a positive and optimistic state.

As an older single young woman, I was forced to date countless times.

I have seen more boys, and I found that most unmarried men have misunderstandings about themselves.

As long as I hear that the woman is 30 years old and single, no matter how good the other partys economic conditions are, they all feel that the woman is not worthy of her own. She is 30 years old. Why do you negotiate with me? Its like a 30-year-old woman is cheap.

Really want to ask: where do you come from courage, Liang Jingru to it? What kind of 13 do you look in the mirror?

As mentioned in the popular variety show sister riding the wind and breaking the waves

After the age of 30, there are fewer and fewer witnesses of life, but they can also witness themselves.

After the age of 30, all the possibilities are fading away, but we can still cross time and ourselves.

In the age of ability, most single young women have a house and a car, have a good income and a small capital, so they can live a good life and live a leisurely life.

Is there really such a person? Can a man take care of you? Or do you need to spend more time, energy and money on someone else?

Marriage, if it is the combination of the weak and the strong, is bound to be unequal and unbalanced.

Only by finding one with the same frequency and mutual recognition can we create more surprises. The marriage of strong and powerful can stand the test of a lifetime.

In fact, marriage promotion and blind date are just appearances. Whats more important is that we must learn how to grow ourselves, make our personality more perfect and establish our own personality boundary.

As for parents, when they see their children at the marriageable age but still single, they are very anxious.

Many of these anxieties come from the outside world, which is a very common problem in Chinese society, and we are transmitting anxiety.

When a neighbor says to your parents, your children are old, why havent you got married and had children?

But they cant digest the pressure of being compared, so they pass on their anxiety to their childrenu2014u2014

If you look at other people who have two children, why havent you got married yet? You dont even have a partner?

If this kind of words is said too much, the child will also be brought into the anxiety mood, and reflect on whether he has really let his parents down.

Even more powerful parents will say: look at the so and so students who used to study with you, and then look at you. You work alone in the field, helpless. In case you have something wrong, your parents should worry about it!

If you want to have a child, a home and someone to take care of you, we will be relieved.

These words seem to be full of love and care for children, but in fact, they just make the children feel guilty and feel that they are so big, and they also worry about their parents.

Here, I also suggest that readers who are already parents try to learn Buddhism and understand their childrens life planning.

When the child grows up, reaches the marriageable age, and has not been married, please learn to understand his current choice, respect his feelings, and not convey this anxiety to him.

When he brings the person he loves home, you should ask him carefully: do you really love each other? Do you love her?