Poetry summer rain, fall into our hearts

 Poetry summer rain, fall into our hearts

After summer rain

The monks house is cool and fresh with bamboo trees,

The first rain washes the dust.

The jade plate is full of mercury.

After the summer rain, the monks house is cool and the bamboo trees are as new as before. A rain washed away the dust in the world. The breeze suddenly blows the lotus leaves, and the water drops in the lotus leaves pour out like mercury.

A temple after the rain fresh and indifferent scene, very cool, but also very beautiful.

Sushi of Song Dynasty

Only when the water is shining and clear is good,

The mountains are empty and the rain is strange.

To compare the West Lake to the West Lake,

Light make-up is always appropriate.

Under the brilliant sunshine, the water of the West Lake is sparkling and gorgeous, which looks very beautiful;

On rainy days, under the cover of the rain, the mountains around the West Lake are bewildered, if not, it is also very wonderful.

An appointment

Zhao Shixiu of Song Dynasty

The grass pond is full of frogs.

Playing chess and lighting.

In Meiyu season, every household is covered by misty rain. On the edge of the grass covered pond, there are bursts of frogs. After midnight, the appointed guests have not come, I am bored gently tapping chess pieces, watching the lights fall one by one.

At the beginning of the article, the season of Huangmei is the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River when the plums are ripe yellow. Then he wrote the special features of Huangmei season with the words family rain, and described a misty and rainy poem and painting in the south of the Yangtze River. Every family was shrouded in the drizzle.

Youmeitang rainstorm

Sushi of Song Dynasty

There was a thunder from the bottom of a tourists foot,

Outside the sky, the black wind blows on the sea,

The east of Zhejiang is flying rain across the river.

Arousing the spring of banished immortals to sprinkle noodles,

The chimpanzees pour down to pour out qionggui.

A loud thunder like from under the feet of tourists, there is a beautiful hall, thick clouds around, can not disperse. In the distance, a strong wind carrying dark clouds blows the sea water up like a mountain; a rainstorm crosses the Qiantang River from eastern Zhejiang Province and strikes Hangzhou city.

The West Lake is like a golden cup, full of rain, almost overflowing; the rain beating on the mountain forest on the lake surface is like a Jiegu, which makes people happy. I really want to arouse Li Bai, who is intoxicated, to wash his face with this mountain full of Feiquan, and let him have a look at the marvelous scene in front of him, such as dumping the palaces of the mackerels and sprinkling pearls and jades all over the world.

Lin Jiang Xian u00b7 Liu Wai light thunder pond rain

Song Ouyang Xiu

Willow light thunder pool rain, rain drop broken lotus sound.

In the west corner of the building, the rainbow is broken.

The appendix is leaning against the moon.

Cool waves do not move, mat lines flat.

Water essence double pillow, side has fallen hairpin horizontal.

Outside the willow forest came the light thunder, the pool drizzle; the sound of rain Zhejiang Xili, dripping on the lotus leaves issued a small sound. Soon the light rain stopped, and a rainbow appeared in the west corner of the building. We leaned against the railing until the moon rose in the East.

Swallows fly back to the door, peep and fly to the painting beam; I put down the curtain from the jade hook. On the bed, the bamboo mat lines are flat, like cool water waves, but there is no ripple surging. At the head of the bed was a pair of crystal pillows. Her golden hairpin fell from her hair and lay on the side of the pillow. In the morning, enjoy these poems of summer rain, do you feel a trace of cool? May the summer rain be a little more, a little longer, fall into our hearts, moisten the dry heart, let the cool feeling accompany us all summer!