Drowning, missing, new drugs Dont let this summer vacation ruin the childs life!

 Drowning, missing, new drugs Dont let this summer vacation ruin the childs life!


Drowning: never take chances

On June 21, eight students in mixin Town, Chongqing, fell into the water and died.

The moment the children were salvaged ashore, seven families were in agony.

Children are ignorant and fearless. Perhaps adults have told them to stay away from the river, but their playful nature makes them disapprove.

Every year, we say to the children, dont go to the riverside without permission. In summer, the water spray is cool, but the beach in summer is a monster that eats people.

How much time, energy and money does a family need to cultivate a child? In this way, a few rolls of water have taken away the eight living lives.

In recent years, there are more than one case of children drowning in the river.

On July 6, a father in Pingguo, Guangxi, took his 7-year-old son to a swimming pool to learn how to swim. Just before his father turned to shore to recharge his mobile phone, the child drowned in the water.

On July 12, near shuangshutuozi village, Tiexi economic and Technological Development Zone, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, five teenagers took a wild bath together. Two of them landed safely and three drowned.


Every piece of the pile, people are sad.

1. Tell children: never go to the riverside to play without authorization. If you want to play with water, you must take your parents and go to the swimming pool with qualified lifeguards.

2. Tell children: if you see a small partner accidentally fall into the water, do not go down to save people, the premise of kindness is to protect yourself. You can choose: u2460 shout for help; u2461 dial 110 or 120 immediately; u2462 make sure you are in a safe position and find a long pole or clothes to pull up the drowning friend.

3. Tell yourself: we must take effective care of children, adhere to the three principles: close, attentive, uninterrupted. If you need to answer the phone and chat with friends when you are swimming with your child, you must have another parent to take care of your child. Really, you cant be too careful.

Children, we must firmly remember these four points:

The weather is reheating, and it doesnt go to the pond to cool down;

No matter how good the water quality is, dont go into the water without guarantee;

If others try to persuade them, they dont have to be brave.


In June this year, Sanya police broke a new drug case. The criminals even fake the drugs into drinks and try to sell them in Sanya.

Im afraid to think about it.

For example:

Milk tea powder brewed milk tea, soluble in water jump sugar, the packaging makes you almost can not see the difference, but it added a variety of synthetic drugs, serious can lead to neurotoxicity.

In addition, in recent years, the stamp appearing around the children after 00 is actually a semi synthetic hallucinogen, mainly composed of ergoyl diethylamine. It can be smoked in the mouth, but the hallucinogenic effect is several times that of traditional drugs such as marijuana.

After all kinds of disguised drugs, people are dazzled and frightened. Even adults are hard to distinguish, let alone children.

Once a child is exposed to drugs, the fate of a family changes.

There are many dark corners in the world, which need us to be vigilant and vigilant.

It is the bounden duty of every parent to protect children and keep away from drugs.

1. Carry out drug control education for children.

In addition to the publicity and education in schools and society, parents should also take the initiative to provide anti drug education to their children.

We should take children to listen to anti drug propaganda lectures, watch more documentaries, strengthen their understanding of drugs, and stop the occurrence of tragic events from the source.

2. Warn children that some things can be touched and some things should not be touched.

If you want to eat snacks, go to a large supermarket chain to buy regular brand snacks instead of all kinds of food sold by peddlers. In addition, do not take unknown snacks given by others.

If you want to drink milk tea, go to the chain milk tea shop to buy, rather than take the unknown bag tea brewing.

3. Pay attention to your childs friends.

The source of many tragedies is that the child has made a bad friend.

Often talk with your child to understand his friendship situation. If the childs recent behavior is abnormal, or if you find that the childs friends have personality problems, dont be careless and seize the time to understand clearly.

Children dont have the ability to distinguish the quality of their friends, but as parents, we need to help them have a clean circle of friends.

Lost: you cant imagine how children get lost

Recently, good news has been heard about the recovery of abducted children in the shencong case and Aunt Mei case, and everyone is relieved.

However, when we praise the police and scold the traffickers, we should also be vigilant. It is the summer vacation of another year, the peak of the year of human traffickers, and the high incidence of missing children.

Some children are very lucky, lost in the street, ran into a good Samaritan or police, in the urgent expectation of their families to get back safely. Some children will never come back as soon as they leave.

Some of them fall into the hands of human traffickers and suffer a lot. Even if they are recovered after several decades, many psychological problems still remain.

Dont think that children lost, children abducted is just an event in the news, in fact, it has always been closely related to us.

So far, in the public welfare website baby home, there are still constantly looking for son posts. One by one young faces, see people sad.

You cant imagine how the child lost. We can only do the preparatory work ahead and start safety education as soon as possible.

After all, as a parent, no one wants to turn around and the child will disappear. If there is an interruption, the child will be abducted by the trafficker. After a quarrel, the child will run away from home and never return.

1. When taking your child out to play, try to ensure that the child is always in sight.

And, be sure to put a contact card on your child. If possible, bring a telephone watch or a GPS locator in your bag.

Tell the child not to get on the bus with a stranger. If you cant get busy, ask a friend to help pick up the child. Make an appointment with the child in advance and show him a picture of his uncle or aunt.

3. Teach children to help themselves.

When some children are missing, they dont even know their own names or only know their nicknames, which makes it more difficult to find their relatives.

In addition, he often exercises the scene of child abduction at home, which makes him feel afraid and always remembers not to talk to strangers or take things from strangers.

I sincerely hope that every child can grow up safely under the protection of the family. I hope that every innocent face will not leave indelible scars.