You know, its going to ruin your day.

 You know, its going to ruin your day.

At the same time, no matter how hard the mother is, you will not be hurt by force;

Youll still stick to the fitness, because youre afraid of illness, more afraid of death, will work harder to be a better self.

Despite the particularity of the characters, Gu Jias monologue after becoming a mother really points to the pain of quite a number of mothers.

Yes, which mother is not with the baby and their own full run, bearing a sweet load.

Working moms need to be promoted if they want to be born

The survey on the living conditions of working mothers in 2020 released by this year shows that:

Working mothers spend an average of nine hours a day on work and 1.6 hours on housework. Up to 87.2% of working mothers spend their off-duty time with their families, which is more than twice that of unmarried women. No matter from big data or from the reality, working mothers spend much less time on rest and entertainment than other working women.

Even if the times have advanced to today, the golden childbearing age of women is still a multiple-choice question in front of all women.

Maye musk, 24, and his son

According to the survey, 15.1% of working mothers choose their husbands and children to pursue their careers, 45.2% of married and childless working women think that they should seize the career opportunities first; while 61.9% of working mothers believe that even if they are in the childbearing period, they must try their best not to fall behind and maintain a certain amount of work and strive for development.

It can be seen from this that most working mothers are unwilling to give up their career for family planning, and they want to be born and promoted.

So what are working moms like?

When you search the Internet, youll see all kinds of super women in decent clothes and working with their babies in all kinds of postures.

They can hold babies in their left hands, make phone calls with their right hands, or put their babies on their legs. They can also keep a close eye on the computer while nursing. Everything seems so easy and self-contained, which seems to be the perfect template for balancing family and career.

However, in fact, beautifying excessive scenes and pictures is like a kind of social lie, covering up the bitterness of working mothers under the brilliance.

You may have a big breast wet when you are giving a speech; you may have to take a milking machine with you, get into the toilet where there is no milking room, and milk on the toilet; you may have to go home immediately because your child is sicku00b7u00b7u00b7

In China, the situation of working mothers is also more and more into the public view.

Some time ago, I wrote in the women in the Internet factory, which is a screen swipe in the circle of friends

Zhao Bingge has communicated well with her family. In the past four years, she has hardly accompanied her daughter to buy clothes. She takes a rest once every two months and only goes to the seaside with her daughter. Because of the lack of company, the daughter has no sense of security, clings to people and wants to hold it. It is easy to be dissatisfied. When she was 3 and a half years old, she did not dare to send her daughter to kindergarten.

Xi Yuelan, who was not long after her delivery, did her best to become a product manager

The truth of working mothers, as actor Ma Yili said, whats the balance? Balance is that there are bound to be sacrifices.

In most cases, the mother is the one who tends to sacrifice first.

Working mothers run hard on the two runways of parenting and working. They are not willing to lose themselves, and they are not allowed to miss the growth of too many children.

After all, the process of childrens growing up is too irreversible, no one can grow up twice in a lifetime, missing is missing.


Stay at home mom, is it easy?

Would it be possible to quit your job, concentrate on taking care of your baby and become a full-time mother, and all the life pressure and parenting problems will be solved?

The answer is obviously no, and in real life, stay at home moms are not easy.

However, the reward of this job is often unable to get clear statements and see clear trends like working mothers. Compared with working mothers, every overtime has a trace to follow, and every hard work can be seen by family members. However, the pay of full-time mothers is often in a invisible state.

Because they are full-time mothers, they should do as much as possible for their children, and because they have no income from work, they have to rely on their husbands and other social prejudices make full-time mothers add more mental pressure besides housework.

In short, stay at home moms, although their main business is to bring children every day, still have a strong desire for self-improvement. They stick to the track of their families, and hope to find a way to take off in situ based on family and career.

They may have only one child in front of them, but they have thousands of troops in their hearts. It is a reflection and self-examination of the present, and imagination and planning of their own future.


Both working mothers and full-time moms are just choices of different lifestyles. When women become mothers, no one can escape the dramatic changes in their lives brought about by their status upgrading: lack of time, scattered energy, habitual fear and disconnection from societyu00b7u00b7u00b7

That is a state that every mother has experienced or is experiencing. Therefore, in the process of guiding children to grow up, never give up and cultivate their own consciousness is as important as parenting.

Mothers, in fact, do not need anyone to give super ability. When you become a mother, you already know what motherhood is just.

But really, no one can rehearse the details in advance. When suddenly facing the role change, they will still be in a hurry.

Therefore, when the elder sister focused on the role of mother, she thought that it should not be a perfect mother manual, but it must focus on the most practical life, take all mothers to discuss and deal with it, and the six major changes after becoming a mother include:

Rebuild the management model from three aspects of time, energy and division of labor, and establish the ability chassis of your all-around mother.

Among them, how to raise children is a relatively low priority, because before helping children, women must first become themselves, grasp their own course firmly, and then consider helping children build a growth path.

In fact, look around, which mother is not doing her best to run, but life is not a sprint but a marathon. It is good to be ahead when the gun is fired, but it is more important to have a long-term layout and a stable rhythm.

After all, even if you become a mother, you are the core competitiveness of your life.