Two beautiful poems: he Sanpo, I will carry you in my pocket

 Two beautiful poems: he Sanpo, I will carry you in my pocket

It asked me: the most beautiful two beauties in the world

Ill help you if you dont have any wish

I said, OK, you can help me to turn he Sanpo into thumb Sanpo

Im going to put him in my pocket and take him with me

So he can play with me every day

Aladdin said:

No problem. You are the most beautiful

Youre right about everything

You close your eyes first

After a while, he Sanpo will be in your pocket

I closed my eyes and waited nervously

Open your eyes in a minute

I feel like theres a little thing moving in my pocket

Take a closer look

Ouch, its really three slopes of thumb

Hes a little cute

He was a little panicked. He looked left and right

He saw me

He asked me, er Mei, where is this

Why am I standing in the palm of your hand

I feel unstable. Im afraid

I said, Sanpo, dont panic

Aladdins lamp has changed you into my pocket

Youll listen to me later

Sister er Mei takes you to play

Xiao Sanpo nodded his head cleverly

Let me arrange it

Dont worry about where you live

I made one for you in the parallel universe

Beautiful villa

As long as I call you

You can come out

I wont let you out

Let you stay in ones universe forever

No one pays attention to you


You dont have to worry about life

You look so small

I cant eat much

A grain of rice will last you a year

Sister er MEI works one day

Make enough money to support you for life

So you dont have to worry about food, clothing, housing and other things

You play with me and make me happy


When I write, you accompany me

If I cant write

Ill wake you up and teach me

When I read, you accompany me

If you dont understand, Ill ask you

Ill take you for a walk

You accompany me to see flowers and trees

Watch the birds fly over the white clouds

We also improvised two poems

Ill put you in my pocket

Ill ask you to give me some advice

You taught me to write one

As soon as I came on stage to recite

It is said that the two beauties have become the essence of poetry

I snickered below

They dont know

I have a poet in my pocket

He Sanpo is the secret weapon of the two beauties

I went to a friends party

We talked about he Sanpo again

If only he could have dinner and chat with us

I smile with pride

Tell you, wait two minutes

He Sanpo took out of his pocket

Lets see

See if you are alive, he Sanpo

I said you dont scare him

Wait for me to do a trick

I took a breath at you

Wow, the small three slopes have become a big three slopes

Were excited to lift you up

Almost threw you on the ceiling

When the excitement subsides, you sit with us

Eating and drinking and talking about poetry

Can you chat with he Sanpo

What a happy thing

After dinner, I turned you into a thumb tripod

Put you back in your pocket and take you home

Everybody look at me

Im really envious, jealous and hateful

They love you, too

They asked me: Er Mei, can you lend us he Sanpo for a few days

We also want to show off with him at the party

I asked if you agreed

You say, er Meis friend is my friend

I agreed to lend you to three of them

Theyll be nice to you

You just play with your sisters

Follow the sisters and ride the waves

Xiaosanpo, you are good

Im angry. You want to sing to me

Make me happy

In this case

No matter where I go

Will bring you with you

Xiao Sanpo, dont doze off

Open your little eyes

Sister er Mei can play

Sister er Mei wants to show you some knowledge

What is the world of mortals

What is prosperity in the world

Im going to take you to disco

Racing with you

Take you to Texas Poker

Take you to the secret room to escape

Take you to a fashion party


As long as its a fun game

Not one

Why not have fun

Do you think so


If you feel lonely and bored

Sister er Mei can show you a big one

I like a writer

His name is sister Xie

He has a big villa in Shunyi

Im curious about his villa

Let me take you to his courtyard wall

Lets go. Lets go at once

In the blink of an eye, I arrived outside the villa of sister Xie

Hiding behind a big tree

After looking around, there was no one in the yard

I decided to steal sister Xies study first

Ive been following his study for a long time

I have two beauties in my pocket


If you like this study

Ill give it to you, and youll have a book to read

We stole the study

Hide behind the big tree again

At this time, sister Xie came out of the kitchen and sat at the table

I want to eat too, but I dare not show up

Well wait for an opportunity

When sister Xie goes back to get the meat

We hid behind the big tree and secretly ate sister Xies barbecue

We didnt say a word until he went back to get the meat again

We snuck out of the wall and ran away

We sneaked out, laughing on the road

You say, er Mei sister

This game of stealing over the courtyard wall is too exciting

I want to play next time

I said no problem. Lets make a list

See whose yard is fun

Turn in one by one and steal

Steal all the funny things in the world

I have two beauties in my pocket

He said there was another cat in the yard

His study also mysteriously disappeared

He said, its amazing

2020 is an extraordinary year

We watched sister Xies microblog

I couldnt stand up with laughter

His study is in my Er Mei pocket


You have to be obedient

Dont talk in my pocket

Or theyll be seen

I thought my two beauties were peddlers

I turned you off

If you dont listen

Ill just pull your hair

Pinch your face

Twist your ears

Cover your eyes

Stick your good-looking eyelids to you

Ill let you give me Desser

To be or not to be obedient

Ill take you to the river to scare you

Youre going to stay in my pocket

If I buy something delicious

Ill give you some

When I eat hot pot

It will turn you into a big Sanpo

Let you come out of your pocket and eat with me

Ill make you smaller after eating

You can rest assured

As long as sister er Mei has food to eat

He Sanpo

Do you think sister er Mei treats you well

Come and be my thumb tripod

My pockets are all ready