Ill meet you later. Itll be you for the rest of my life

 Ill meet you later. Itll be you for the rest of my life

He said to me: I dont know what kind of girl to be a wife. Im afraid I dont have the ability to be nice to others and delay their girls youth. Now its not bad to be single. Its better to get married and divorce because its not suitable.

He finished his glass.


Ive heard of many reasons for not getting married, such as I havent played enough, Im afraid of being responsible and I dont intend to get married. but the first time I heard Zhao Leis reason was to think about each other.

It was only after listening to his story that I was able to understand his mood.

Its not that I dont want to meet you, but Im afraid I dont have the ability to treat you well and make you endure my immature bad temper.

When he was in his early 20s, he met a girl who liked him very much. But at that time, Zhao Lei was a typical prodigal. He was irresponsible and had a bad temper. Every day is not smoking and drinking, or in the Internet bar dark open late into the night.

The girls parents strongly disapprove of their being together. But the funny thing is that even if the girls family thinks he is poor and cant give her happiness, in fact, he has neither the ability nor the ambition, nor the determination to be good to the girl.

Finally, when the girl really left him, he woke up.

But it was too late, the girl agreed to the blind date arranged by the family.

Now in his early 30s, Zhao Lei has his own career and good capital for a person. Of course, he also has his own family, although the hostess is not the girl at the beginning.


How much love is always like this, only after the loss of regret, when together they do not cherish.

Young we are not mature, the way to express love is always selfish, blindly accept others good to themselves, and finally push the person who loves you personally.

Then I regretted to say: if I got along well, I would be together for a lifetime.

If you meet later, you can learn to put away the spines and hug him with your soft belly

When we were young, we all showed our love without any modification. Sometimes we would hurt the people around us, but we didnt know it. At last, even the beloved left, we began to reflect.

When you met that person, you were about seventeen or eighteen years old.

Early self-study, he is willing to go over the wall to buy you soybean milk fried dough sticks, when you get it, it is always steaming hot.

In dog days, he was willing to wait in line for two hours to buy the freshly baked red bean cake. He was sweating hot and had no complaints.

The first thing you wake up with a nightmare in the middle of the night is to call him.

His cell phone is always on 24 hours for you.

Not only willful like to make trouble, but also constantly suspicious, sensitive and suspicious.

At that time, you didnt know what love was and how to love.

The pressure of study itself makes him breathless, and you can finally see that he is exhausted, so you find the most ridiculous reason to let him go.

Did you also say: wait for the college entrance examination to go to the same city again together.

What a ridiculous oath. But later, they finally parted ways, one in the South and one in the north, separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, and there was no contact again.

Many years later, in retrospect, you dont know if he is the right person, but if you meet later, when you get rid of the sharpness and become gentle, will the two peoples endings be different?


So, can we meet later and fall in love later?

Youre just mature, Im just gentle.

Talk about a mature love.

Only when you have seen more people, can you know what kind of other half you need and know how to cherish it from the bottom of your heart. To know her calm after the quarrel is to coax you; to know that she is just a little princess in need of favor; to know how to care about each other to protect each other.

There are very few chances that we can meet the same person at a young age, whether they are three views or think in the same way. Only after tasting the taste of life, shaping a relatively mature personality, can we know how to manage a love better.

When youre ready for all this,

Go and fall in love with the right person again.

So, can we fall in love later?

Will not because of an unreasonable quarrel and a two lenient. Wont hurt each other because of the arrogance of youth. Will not let the other party lose the courage to love you because of immaturity.

Ill meet you later. Itll be you for the rest of my life.