The reputation of the collection can not be erased

 The reputation of the collection can not be erased

After graduating from University, Li Wei became a northern drifter. This morning, he was sleeping in a daze, and suddenly his mobile phone wechat prompted the stereo. A stranger named remember wanted to add him as a friend and check the information of the other party. He was still a beautiful woman!

Li Wei casually agreed, but the first sentence of remember made him nauseous: Hello! Want to brush one hand?

Li Wei used to brush one hand for a period of time a few days ago. That is to say, he negotiated with the shop owner in advance, and the shopkeeper would place an order in the online store to pay, and the owner would return the payment and commission. In this way, the sales record and credibility of the online store could be increased. To put it bluntly, the shopkeeper paid for someone to brush his reputation. Li Wei worked for a month, and finally was cheated 3000 yuan, almost unable to pay the rent.

Go away! A liar Li Wei fiercely returned to remember sentence, intending to pull her black. Unexpectedly, the next sentence of remember made his finger stop: Im not a liar. I can call you the payment and commission first, and then you can pay the bill. This is zero risk!

And such good things? Li Weis eyes brightened. Anyway, he didnt have any money in his bank card, so he gave the card number to remember. This remember is really interesting. I quickly called him 1000 yuan and asked him to take 900 yuan of goods. The remaining 100 yuan was his commission.

This money is too easy to make! In a month, Li Wei has paid 20 bills one after another, and the other party pays according to the agreement every time. In this way, Li Wei earned 2000 yuan effortlessly in a month!

Li Wei has become less averse to paying bills. If there are more jobs like this, will his income catch up with that of white-collar workers? Li Wei also contacted some online stores, but when he asked the other party to call in the commodity payment and commission payment first, the other party gave him a very familiar word: get out! A liar

After being scolded for several times, Li Wei also became suspicious: she had never heard of such a way of paying bills as remembering. She was so willing to let herself make money that there would be no conspiracy, right?

Li Wei contacts remember on wechat, but remember seems to disappear out of thin air, and doesnt answer a word, but the money for bill swiping still calls back regularly. Li Wei was a little upset. He suddenly remembered that his father was the director of the police station in his hometown. Was it that someone asked him to do something, and he didnt accept gifts from others, so people used this method to bribe his father?

Thinking of this, Li Wei broke out in a cold sweat, and quickly dialed his fathers phone to ask if he was asked to do something. But my father gave a hearty smile and said, Dawei, what kind of man is your father? What should be done should be done, and what should not be done should not be paid. Besides, I retired early two months ago, and now I cant do anything even if someone wants to ask me to do something!

This time, Li Wei even more puzzled, he went to remember of the online shop around, found that this online shop has a large scale, credibility is crown level, such a shop, what is necessary to brush credit?

Li Wei decided to force remember to show up. After receiving a new fee, he didnt brush the bill, so he waited for remember to contact him. Sure enough, a few days later, remember sent a wechat: Dawei, why dont you brush the bill? To be a man, we should be trustworthy.

How do you know my name is Dawei? Li Wei asked, are you a local tyrant or a philanthropist? Let me do this. Are you giving money to beggars? I tell you, if you dont understand, I will never do it again!

Remember gave Li Wei a laugh expression, and then sent a voice: ha ha, let you brush the bill like this, just to fulfill my promise. You are the first one to brush the reputation of my online store. But you should be clear: the reputation of my online shop is not brush out, it depends on the integrity of management, good quality and low price; to be a person, you should pay more attention to credibility, but A mans reputation cant be brushed out. What he relies on is to make a promise. He must be faithful to his words. Finish saying, the other side has no news.

This time, Li Wei can be some zhanger monk confused, listen to the voice, the other side is a man. Not long after, Li Weis mobile phone received a text message, remember to call him 3600 yuan. Li Wei is even more puzzled. He used to give him 1000 yuan every time he swiped the bill. How did the amount change this time?

After pondering for a long time, Li Wei suddenly patted his head, opened the bank card bill, and carefully calculated it. The original income from swiping bills, plus the 3600 yuan, was exactly 10000 yuan!

Li Wei quickly dialed his fathers phone and asked him if someone had sent him 10000 yuan recently. My father said that there was such a thing, but he confiscated it at all, because he had made an oath since he was a child - not greedy for others cheap price, which is his reputation as a man!

As for the man who wanted to give him 10000 yuan, Li Wei also knew that 10 years ago, Li Weis father once subsidized a little boy 1000 yuan. Two months ago, the grown-up boy came to him and said that he could make money and pay him back 10000 yuan. Li Weis father resolutely refused to accept the donation, because he did not intend to take it back at the time of donation. Now accepting this 10000 yuan is tantamount to losing credibility.

But the other side is very persistent, saying that the subsidy has always been in mind, and had made a promise at the beginning, when there is a future, he will certainly use 10 times the money to thank the benefactor. If he can not, he will become a person without credibility. After a long argument, Li Weis father still didnt accept the 10000 yuan.

Well Does he know anything about me? Li Wei asked.

My father thought about it for a while and said, I should know. When we were talking, I mentioned that you didnt have a good time in Beijing. He said that he might be able to show you a way, so I told him your contact information...

Li Wei suddenly understood, no wonder the other partys online name is remember. It turns out that it means to remember other peoples gratitude by dropping water, and the meaning of Yongquan will be reported to each other in the future! After a long time of remembering is to fulfill his promise by letting himself brush the bill!

A few days later, Li Wei returned to his hometown and opened a small online shop. At the top of the shop, Li Wei wrote the following words: when I was a child, my mother died, and my father came and went in the wind and rain to raise me. From then on, I made a promise to spend my old age with my father. Today, I come back because I want to understand that not only to open a shop, but also to be a person, we should pay attention to credibility.

A year later, Li Weis online store credibility reached the diamond level. It should be noted that this credibility is not brush. Li Weis father donated the 10000 yuan of remember to Li Wei to set up a credit fund to help more children in need