Industry Matthew effect squeeze living space, some mini funds scale shrink

 Industry Matthew effect squeeze living space, some mini funds scale shrink

According to Tianxiang investment consulting data, the scale of active equity funds grew rapidly in the second quarter, with a month on month increase of more than 30%. A total of 21 fund companies expanded the scale of equity funds by more than 10 billion yuan, and the scale growth of head fund companies such as e fund and Guangfa was far ahead.

In sharp contrast, the survival state of mini fund companies has not improved because of the market. According to Tianxiang investment consulting data, as of the end of the second quarter, even if monetary funds are included, there are still 14 fund companies with the scale of public funds less than 1 billion yuan, and 8 of them are less than 200 million yuan.

From the specific fund point of view, even if the market profit-making effect is improved, it is difficult to boost the scale of some mini funds. Take Huachen future fund as an example. In January this year, Huachen future value pioneer, a partial stock hybrid fund, was set up. Under the background of frequent hot money products this year, the fund raised only about 84 million yuan. Although the return is nearly 27% since its establishment, the scale of the fund has shrunk quarter by quarter. As of the end of the second quarter, its scale has been only 35 million yuan. It is worth noting that this product is the only equity fund of Huachen future fund at present. In 2016, the company also had an index enhanced fund that was wound up.

From the perspective of continuous marketing, some mini fund products are small in scale and have risks of liquidation and redemption. Investors who are knowledgeable in the industry are going around the way. In addition, for continuous marketing on the third-party platform, it is necessary to spend money on activities to gain market attention for a period of time, or it must have excellent performance so that investors can really see it. Neither is easy for small fund companies Beijing a small fund company marketing said.

The above-mentioned people further bluntly said that, with the high market heat, this years new hot money funds appear frequently, but this does not help small fund companies. When the market is good, the new fund will attract investors attention, but at this time, all fund companies want to get a piece of the pie. Once the star products of the head company are issued, they are generally the focus of the major banks, and may even be promoted through all channels. After the small companies are squeezed out of the schedule, the product distribution can only go to the back row, and the competition with the products of large companies issued in the same period is relatively weak.

In addition to the difficulty in obtaining resources in marketing, the mini fund company has many other problems to be solved. For example, there is a shortage of talents. Under the influence of salary, brand, resources and other factors, such companies lack the attraction for excellent investment and research talents, and the number of equity fund managers is scarce.

Zhang Ting, a senior researcher at GESHANG fortune, believes that in the future, it will be more and more difficult for small companies with low product performance to survive. It is necessary to reform and innovate, introduce talents, and form a positive cycle in order to gain a place in the market where the concentration of head companies has increased. Small fund companies want to break through, to make characteristic, differentiated products, and performance to be more prominent.

The scale of the public offering fund for extended reading is nearly 17 trillion yuan, with an increase of 296.8 billion yuan on a month on month basis, with the highest income doubling. Science and technology innovation theme fund welcomes a bumper harvest_ NBJ9607