US forces pay US $10 million to clean up wreckage

 US forces pay US $10 million to clean up wreckage

The report said that the follow-up cleaning work of the good Richard will be completed in November this year.

The fire started in a garage in the middle of the ship, and 11 of the ships 14 decks were destroyed. The U.S. Navy said there was no welding or other ignition activity on board at the time of the fire, and the cause of the fire was still unclear.

At present, the U.S. Navy is conducting a security investigation, which will not be made public in order to make witnesses dare to tell the truth. But Michael gildan, a senior Navy officer, said the transparency of the investigation would be guaranteed.

He said that this is a very serious accident. When the investigation is completed, the investigation results will be released to the public for discussion by people from all walks of life, including what kind of systematic problems exist in the Navy. But the report did not mention the future fate of the good Richard.

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