French manor luxury house sale, with Disney Princess

 French manor luxury house sale, with Disney Princess

Dont believe it, according to the Parisian, the epidemic crisis has made many property sellers worried. According to seloger, a French real estate portal, 52% of people were worried about falling house prices in April, compared with a tenth in February. This anxiety prompted the local tyrants to try to as soon as possible to achieve the housing sales plan, price reduction is obviously a major means.

There are about 1500 castles and manors for sale in France, waiting for their next owner to visit~

A new day begins on Monday. Come and have a look at these cabbage price castles with my sister at home. By the way, comfort yourself with your simple and unadorned life~


Current price: 650000 euro (about 5.2 million yuan)

You can see that the exterior wall of the castle still retains the retro characteristics of the middle ages, with red lacquer wooden doors and round arched doors and windows~

Inside the castle is also a retro exquisite home style.

There is also a clear water swimming pool outside, close to the lawn.

After reading, people cant help but sigh, OMG buy it, buy it!!!

Normandys little garden Castle

Current price: 790000 euro (RMB 6.27 million)

When we talk about Normandy, we will certainly think of World War II. The Normandy landing is also the greatest landing campaign in the world so far. Located in the heart of Calvados National Park, this idyllic castle on the coast of Normandy in northwest France has a superb location in a lush field with nine bedrooms and 12 hectares of land.

Of course, the castle used to provide rental services for tourists, but because of the epidemic, it can only be sold now~


Secret Forest Castle

Price reduction: 23%

This castle is located in the town of Aubusson in the central part of France, which can be regarded as a real paradise. In addition to the castle itself, it also has an area of 80 hectares of woodland. There is no neighbor in the area of ten miles. It is definitely a resort far away from people.

The interior decoration is also very classical. The characteristic stone wall and stone floor match, the fireplace burning with fire, the chandelier in the shape of tree root and the wooden roof are a bit like the Hobbit tree house in the Lord of the rings?

The outdoor swimming pool is also the standard of castle~

If the forest area is too large, if you really feel lonely, you can also build a small zoo by yourself, and raise some rabbits, alpacas, ponies and so on. It is not a problem at all.

After looking at these, I still have a few sets of manor villas for sale with different styles and European classical aesthetics. Although the discount is not as big as those above, it is still not a loss~