In July, the female love bean top stream will be sweet and Sa of her?

 In July, the female love bean top stream will be sweet and Sa of her?

Clinique Jingdu jade dew whitening water essence uffe5 350 / 200ml

Herlie Mars is bright and beautiful, with 368/100ml.

French Guerlain pearl muscle white light extract essence 1180/30ml

This is a bottle of whitening essence with the flavor of super healing fragrance. Its texture is fine and soft, and it feels full. It is rich in rare ingredients such as Japanese wakami and Glycyrrhiza glabra, which can help regulate skin quality, improve skin tone, lighten spots, calm and relieve dry redness caused by inflammation, and replenish water for skin.

OlayPro-X bright, clean, face and essence. 390/40ml

Gel essence is very suitable for summer, massage gently can be quickly absorbed, rich in a variety of skin components, including high purity nicotinamide, to help fade the spots and pox and India, while repairing the natural barrier, improve the inflammatory condition, maintain skin moisture content.

Ke Yans new set of whitening and balancing skin lightening spot essence 540/30ml

It is also a bottle of jelly texture of whitening essence. It is clear and refreshing without irritation. The VC composition is very stable. It helps to desalinize and prevent melanin production. 5% of the Bose essence helps to repair cell activity and replenishment of the skin.

Next week is da Meixiaos birthday! In your heart, the girl in July is her?

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Xu_ NQ7809