After eating, before going to bed, Ill wait for you

 After eating, before going to bed, Ill wait for you

But the other party overestimated himself and thought that the night was worth a meal.

She sneered in her heart.

Late night wine, can drink with you. Because its desire.

She said, no, I have to work overtime.

It was the seventh day of her first 30 years.

The age of chaos. Forward, is the missing future. In the future, there was a rush to get married.

The second half of her life and the rest of her body finally became the focus of the whole family.

If you dont marry, what do you want? They hate that iron is not steel.

What do you want?

In fact, I dont have the hobby of flying in the air.

Theres no marisue fantasy.

No more than an ordinary woman, eager to have a little material shell, a little warm relationship in this world. Thats enough to spend this little life.

She is used to passivity in the affairs of men and women.

When she was young, she tried to fall in love with someone, but the other side only regarded it as a game.

When the song ended, he knew that he had been on three boats in those three years. That kind of shock and anger, aftershocks still exist.

My life is not good, she said

On her 30th birthday, she said to herself: I must get married this year.

She made a set of perfect materials, like casting a net, released to the major marriage platforms. Next, she concentrated on collecting, selecting and observing.

It was a difficult process.

Blind date is a way of making friends, but in fact, it is just a measure of conditions.

She specially set up a wechat trumpet, which is machine like and can talk to people.

Where are you from has been answered 98 times.

What do you do? 134 times.

Do you have a room? 91 times.

Do you have a car? has been answered 82 times.

Whats your education background? 76 times.


She is no longer a human being. Its a chicken chosen in the marriage market. Let people judge, repeatedly inquiry and weighing.

No one cares what she likes.

The soul has been shaken by something.

Everything is mechanical.

Even humiliating. All the little pride, suddenly become worthless. But the world is small really lucky, a mention, all became the untimely joke.

She didnt want to humiliate herself without the familys coercion.

Life is quiet and the world is desolate. Its OK to find someone to eat with.

Its better than finding a husband.

Its easy.

She had sex with three people, too.

Of course, its not arbitrary. They all talked about a certain temperature and had an appointment for dinner.

Eating is a way out.

It enters the body before people. When the road is open, people come later.

She later discovered that diet is sex. In the diet is willing to treat gently, in the sexual matter, must also respect the care.

But in the meal is vulgar selfish, in the sex, also inevitably lacks the gentleness.

Women need to be gentle. Day is, night is, detail is, long life is also.

He would cook a bowl of noodles for her to warm her stomach and intestines.

But I havent met yet.

Care is almost nothing.

Turn off the light, holding together, very disharmonious.

Dark as ever.

Empty as before.

On weekdays, he didnt pay much attention to him. His empty greetings didnt have any temperature. With a hand wipe, it will disappear without trace.

There is also a man, on the surface, a bit of a man. As a teacher in Colleges and universities, he is praised as five people and six people.

She had fantasized about the rest of her life with him.

But when we had dinner together, my heart was half cold.

She was fed with anger.

Almost had to shoot a case and leave.

But because of another need, after dinner, I still went.

To the room, even the necessary protection measures are not willing.

She set an alarm clock that went off two minutes later.

When it rings, pretend to answer the phone. He looked worried. After that, he lied that there was a big problem with the project. The leader was angry and had to leave immediately.

He stopped her angrily.

She went on lying. Ill be back in two hours.

Out of the door, walking in the night of Pearl River new town.

She sat on the steps at the gate of Swire, watching the fish swim by, looking at their Hermes scarves, LV handbags, gucci shoes, Chanel suits, looking at such a life of fresh clothes and fury, and her heart was as gray as mist.

In her life, she couldnt even eat a decent meal.

Where do you live?

In the milk tea shop, she bought a Durian soft European bag and ate it viciously. Its like revenge. Its like abusing someone.

Its a comprehensive building.

Four people, about these four.

15: 00 for coffee.

21:00, bar appointment.

She said that she took blind date as a project.

Try your best. Make the most of the preparation. Accept the worst.

In todays meeting, she also has a preference.

Most want to go down, about in the relaxed, most comfortable teahouse.

Like Lin.

She has seen too many rude people on wechat.

He also beautifies his rudeness into honesty.

No accomplishment. Come on, like a police interrogation, to pick you up all over. When he went back, he talked about him.

In the face of her some small happiness, small sadness, all known as affectation..

Carefully pick up, behind such words, there is a lack of empathy.

Forests are alien.

He was never warm or angry.

You talk. He talks with you.

If you dont talk about it, he doesnt have an urge to explore.

They go from text to voice. From hello to good morning and good night. It seems to be getting closer.

This normal is also worth seeing.

They finally made an appointment. From an ID to a person. From both ends of the network, meet in a teahouse in Guangzhou.

It was autumn. The sky is high and the clouds are light, and the time is even and long.

When she arrived at the building, she made up in the bathroom of the mall.

In response to four dates, she had a heavy work lace embroidered dress, a Chiffon Top, denim wide leg pants, and a suspender skirt for the bar. The purpose is clear without words.

The most expensive thing to wear is a lace dress.

He said, theres a traffic jam. Well have to wait..

Then they ordered shrimp dumplings, sausage noodles, Shaomai, milk yellow bun, pineapple bun, durian crisp, porridge

She sat there.

Anxiously, waiting for a suspense to be revealed.

When Lin came in, she didnt have a big accident. Its very similar to the photo. An ordinary man, like her, can not be found in the crowd.

As for appearance, she had no extravagance. She does not have the national color, cant imagine the object looks amazing. Men and women need to be equal.

He sat down and made the tea. Look at the water in the celadon bowl, slightly play a spin, skillfully filter, pour tea.

The fragrance wafted out of the bowl one after another.

Come on, try it!

She picked up the small tea bowl, blowing air, carefully took a sip, the breath in the tip of the tongue. All of a sudden, its no longer cramped.

What kind of life do you like? he asked casually

This is the life.

In the teahouses of Guangzhou, days are pictures on parchment. Vegetation texture, not sullen, and the life of panic and cruelty, there is a silent alienation.

Dim sum comes in a cage.

After that, I had a little chat. About life, about his slow and her fast.

Dont worry, he said. Im here.

Compared with Lin, its just like waving ones teeth. The coffee was drunk white and dry. Words hurt life.

I cant stand it.

Im going to pick the bad ones.

Received a message from Lin: thank you. Food is as good as people.

She was standing in a store. When the lights were on, the lights were bowled down and drenched on her.

She was stunned at the message for a long time.

After all, I still laugh.

As a city near the sea, Guangzhou has always had plenty of seafood.

She picked one next to the cafe.

Go ahead and order.

All kinds of marine life are classified and placed in the aquarium, waiting to be selected by guests and made into superb dishes.

Not too much. Although the other side said that he would pay the bill.

Here comes the man.

Its like rushing off work to a business party.

People have a little taste.

Her first impression is that she has been bullied by life a lot, but also trained a slippery person.

The snails and scallops were brought up.

They started eating.

Shellfish are more amorous than meat, she said casually.

For the former, the process of eating is rhythmic.

Let you in enjoy, encounter the right resistance: want to meet or refuse, than naked meet, it is easier to taste the suffering of Acacia.

He said, Oh, I didnt expect you to know how to eat..

It also talked about the representative food of each province and related stories. It was when the words were thick, unexpectedly, he turned around and directly talked about sex.

Lets get along so well, or... Dont go home tonight.

They are all lonely people. Its not a bad thing to have more company.

He also said that eating oysters tonight will definitely help you

Shes not a nun.

It has its own turbulent, but also has its own desolation.

But its not someone whos willing to come.

If you can sleep, you must taste it first. Its got to be right again. Its better to be right.

She smiles and says, next time, theres an appointment today..

But Ive lost interest.

I dont know why. I dont want to go. She suddenly felt tired. I want to go back to the hut, take a bath, have a glass of juice, and watch a play by myself with a blanket.

Then, on the day of abusive mood, have a good cry.

Why, only she cant touch that person.

She thought of that sentence again: my life is not good.

Nowadays, when a woman is in a hurry to get married, she will be laughed at.

She is also horizontal on the surface.

Say you dont care.

There are only men who have a vested interest in marriage.

But deep down in my heart, I still long for someone to have three meals a day and spend the four seasons of the year.

She sent a wechat to the man in the bar. Ill make an appointment another day.

And then carry a bag, take line 3 home.

On the way, I received a call from Lin.

On the phone, he asked her, where is it?

She said on the subway.

Go for a walk by the river, will you?

That night, they sat on the edge of the Pearl River and talked a lot about the lights in the middle of the river.

Dont know why, can chat, can not chat, she chatted.

She went all out.

She was so lonely.

Since there is someone around, say it, let go of the turbulent mind

Some words like the fish in the ice, cant swim, cant go out, left to run right sudden uncomfortable. Now theres a gap, trying to drill out.

Unexpectedly, he has been listening carefully. Then he took her hand and sighed.

You suffer.

The balcony is covered with white moonlight.

That night, the dream is also awake, wake up is also a dream. What happened to her. Like pregnant with a secret fetus, she fell into the void, precipitation.

No updates.

She pressed many times to send him something. Its been deleted again and again.

She knew that his attitude was not worthy of such a worry about gain and loss. But she couldnt.

Lin is a middle management of a company. The conditions are not particularly good, but they are not bad. According to him, there are also people waiting for him.

Men are always more leisurely than women in their feelings.

Because you can afford to lose.

Because it doesnt matter.

But she had a relationship.

Lin contacted her again next weekend.

He asked her to a Cantonese restaurant.

It rained that day.

Now and then, in a whisper.

She liked the slightly tired grey. Its perfectly matched with exquisite, flameless Cantonese cuisine.

One of them was fried. Chi Chi Lala, big to go, product phase is not a poem, became a street lane song.

Another one is steamed. Jade body horizontal Chen, add scallion white two sections, a few pieces of ginger, there are some Zhang Dai style fastidious strength.

She took two chopsticks.

fit in exactly with ones wishes.

No thorns, muscles, not soft and greasy.

After three rounds of drinking, some of them opened.

I dont think youre happy.

She was stunned for a long time. Almost to tears again. In Guangzhou, no one is easy, no one is happy.

Its better to find a boyfriend.

I want to, but its hard.

And then the words got stuck there.

Next door is a middle-aged woman, well-dressed, ordered a table of dishes, but no one to see, nor her chopsticks.

She suddenly thought, no matter how good food, no good companion, no love for sauce, it will become a strong desolation.

Then I went to the bathroom.

When I came out, I saw men and women kissing at the end of the corridor.

A waiter murmured, I really dont know if Im here to eat, or to eat people?

Not really. Eat a meal, also eat people, on the solid, this life, also can not panic.

Middle aged women are still in a daze.

Only the warm aroma of the table.

But the fragrance is countless. Three meals a day, three meals can not be less, a day also has to have. Otherwise, it will be too lonely.

She suddenly had courage.

Take me home, will you?

Lin raised his head, a little surprised. I cant refuse you, of course.

That night, he didnt leave her rental house.

The room is panting. The window was dimly lit. Surrounded by water, the electric eel trembles violently in the dark.

His body has the flavor of her hometown.

When I woke up, I found that the legs of the two people were like the characters of the two people, and they were entangled together. She was startled.

Its already light.

Its a wonderful morning. Its worth doing something.

Like flirting.

Like having breakfast together.

After eating, they went downstairs, out of the city, to the outskirts of the stroll. There are a lot of Osmanthus fragrans, which continue to bloom in twos and threes.

At noon, I eat local chicken in the farmhouse. Also drank a pot of osmanthus wine.

He said, how pleasant.

Two people, no identity, no position. Only rice, wheat and millet, warm home.

She said that in our hometown, we should drink wine when we get married. Wine is daughter red. Her father once buried one, and now it should be more than ten years old.

But he didnt go on.

At night, back to the city, have not had dinner, and cant wait to love.

Since then, Lin has come every week.

Theres plenty of desire.

When the fun is over, order some takeout.

She said, Im full.

Lin ambiguous smile, feed you is my duty.

She indulged in it and enjoyed herself. But when talking to my best friend, as an outsider, she feels something is wrong.

Have you met his friends?


Do you know what company he works for?

hear nothing of.

Have you ever talked about marriage?


None of them.

She began to have doubts.

She held his hand before the next date.

What are we?

He is stupefied for a moment, how to ask this?

Do you think of me as a girlfriend or a gun friend?

He was silent for a moment. Do you need to be so serious?

That night, under her fierce attack, he surrendered.

It turned out that he had a girlfriend. Its just in a different place.

He wont break up. Because thats the man he wants to marry. He has money, good family background and good cultivation, which is recognized by both parents.

She was very angry.

She jumped up and slapped him hard.

Because I have a good feeling for you, I didnt control myself... I thought you enjoyed it, but I didnt expect... The company still has something to do, so lets go first. Im sorry.

She stood at the table, silent, looking at him.

Look at him again.

Watch him button up, pack his back and walk out the door.

He thought he would turn back, but he didnt. Bang, Ke, um... The door is closed, and the fading footstep sound reports that he is getting farther and farther away.

And then, nothing was heard.

That is not full of love, suddenly, like pulled out the valve core, hissing a little bit out of breath.

At this moment, she found that what she was looking forward to was just a fake love.

Not even A-goods.

Its a fake product. Its going to be cracked down on. To be disposed of.

But what happens is what happens. Its like a mistake paper that has been handed in.

If she could, she would like to transcribe.

Or take the exam again.

After that long night, she decided to go for a drink.

She went to a bar and ordered a cocktail. drink alone. So many people are drunk and dreaming, confused.

Only her cup is red with blood. Its as strong as a knife.

You can see how many endless undercurrents are there in the wind of the Pearl River?

What is her pain? Any fishing in the air is a lot of similar bleak fate.

At the riverside under the Guangzhou tower, she took out her wechat account, which she had not logged in for a long time. As soon as it was opened, news kept coming. The number of prompts is 99 +.

In the friend verification form, 68 strangers are waiting to enter her life.

not so bad.

She broke her arm early, and she was still trying to survive.

She stood in the tuyere, leaning against the lights of thousands of homes, and with a smile she bit off a mouthful of red fruit.

Tomorrows urban fireworks will rise as usual.

Author: Zhou Chong