Child sex offenders return to freedom in South Korea 350000 South Koreans petition

 Child sex offenders return to freedom in South Korea 350000 South Koreans petition

In September 2018, the South Korean court of First Instance sentenced sun Zhengyu to two years imprisonment and three years probation, and was released in court. In April 2019, the U.S. State Department formally requested the South Korea to extradite sun Zhengyu. The US side said that there are 53 Americans among the paying members of the pornographic video website of child sexual exploitation, and there are also American children in the video. Sun Zhengyu should be extradited to the United States for corresponding punishment.. In May 2019, the court of second instance of South Korea sentenced sun Zhengyu to 1.5 years imprisonment. On April 27 this year, sun Zhengyu was supposed to be released after serving his sentence. However, South Korean prosecutors applied to the court for an extradition arrest warrant on April 17 and was approved, ordering sun Zhengyu to be arrested and detained again on the day of his sentence.

Seeing his son be extradited to the United States for a heavy sentence, suns father came up with a trick - in May, he charged his son with concealing the proceeds of crime. According to the logic of Sun Fu, when the South Korean prosecutors investigated Sun Zhengyu before, although they did some investigation on the part of the hidden crime, the final prosecution clause did not have such a lawsuit and should be prosecuted. This will allow him to stay in Korea for the time being. At present, the case is assigned to the Central District Prosecutors office in Seoul.

YTN and other South Korean media said on the 6th that suns fathers move had successfully prevented sun Zhengyu from being extradited to the United States, because the chief judge of Seoul high court, Jiang Yongxiu, ruled on the 6th that the extradition of sun Zhengyu to the United States is not allowed on the ground that the Korean judicial authorities are still investigating the video case of child sexual exploitation. If sun is extradited to the United States, the relevant investigation may be blocked.. On the afternoon of June 6, sun Zhengyu walked out of the detention center and resumed his freedom. However, he will soon face additional punishment, because the central prosecutor in Seoul will speed up the investigation into the case of concealing the proceeds of crime previously raised by his father.

The news of suns refusal to extradite him to the United States has aroused resentment among South Korean people, who have been nominated as the Supreme Court justice of South Korea recently. On the 6th, South Korean people petitioned Tsing wa Tai to deprive Jiang Yongxiu of his candidacy. In South Korea, people who steal 18 eggs for a living are sentenced to a year and a half, the petitioner said. Sun Zhengyu, the operator of the worlds largest video website for child sexual exploitation and who does not let go of a baby born several months, was also sentenced to a year and a half. South Korea is undoubtedly a paradise for child sexual exploitation criminals. In the face of turbulent public opinion, judge Jiang Yongxiu made a ruling against public opinion and basic morality, and let Sun Zhengyu be free again. Such a person is not qualified to be a judge. . As of 3:00 p.m. on the 7th, 350000 people had participated in the petition.

The incident has not only aroused concern in South Korea, but also been widely reported in the US media. Media in the United States, Britain and other countries have voiced their regret over the decision of the Korean court. Some Americans who downloaded pornographic childrens videos from welcome to video have been jailed for five to 15 years, but Sun Zhengyu, the operator of the website, was sentenced to only one and a half years, the New York Times said on Sunday. This is too much to say. Moreover, South Korean courts eventually refused to extradite sun Zhengyu to the United States for trial, which disappointed many groups working on anti child pornography videos.

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