Five men jailed for switching high-grade liquor

 Five men jailed for switching high-grade liquor

After on-site understanding, Mr. Liu had a dinner with his friends. Before the meal, he bought a box of high-grade liquor from a nearby store, and agreed with the store to return the unopened wine after dinner, and then settle the bill according to the actual bottle opening volume. After the shop owner agreed to register with Mr. Liu the code of high-grade liquor.

After dinner, Mr. Liu took the rest of the wine back to the store, but found that the code on the bottle and the previous registration code did not match. Mr. Liu decided that only the waiter Cai had been in contact with wine during the meal, so he went back to the restaurant to ask for the explanation.

Through the retrieval of video data, the police found that Cai had many contacts with a man at the door of the hotel when he was working, and exchanged some things with each other. During the scene search, the police found two bottles of Mr. Lius authentic liquor in the sink of the operation room in the hotel compartment. Cai confessed to the fact that Mr. Lius drinks were exchanged, and was taken back to the police station.

After interrogation, the suspect Cai confessed to work with Chen and others, two in a group, respectively in high-end hotel applications. When the victim has a meal, he takes advantage of his unprepared condition to exchange the high-grade drinks carried by the victim in the operating room of the private room. The inferior drinks used for bartering were bought at a price of more than 200 yuan. After successful swapping, the stolen goods were sold at a price of more than 1000 yuan. Soon, the police will Chen and other four people under control.

At present, CAI and other five people have been detained by Haidian police in accordance with the law for suspected theft, and the case is under further work.

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