Environmental sanitation workers have been replaced as teachers for 26 years? Local: there is no impersonation

 Environmental sanitation workers have been replaced as teachers for 26 years? Local: there is no impersonation

Recently, Yuan Fuchun, through Sina Weibo and other blogs, questioned that he was impersonated in the process of recruiting private teachers 26 years ago. After the public opinion was discovered, Lijin County set up an investigation group composed of the supervision commission of the county Discipline Inspection Commission, the Propaganda Department of the county Party committee, the County Education Bureau, the County Public Security Bureau, and the Party committee and government of Chenzhuang town. According to the investigation, Yuan Fuchun was born in Chenzhuang Town, Lijin County (formerly new village of Fuwo township), and was a private teacher of patriotic united primary school in Fuwo township of Lijin County. In view of the problems reflected, he made further investigation and verification

1. About the problem of being dismissed and being impersonated. In 1994, the selection and employment of civilian teachers was carried out in villages and towns, from high score to low score according to comprehensive performance. The original minimum score line of Fuwo township was 125.72, and Yuan Fuchuns comprehensive score was 124.03, which did not reach the selection score (with the original file as evidence).

At that time, 25 people were employed in Fuwo Township, and Yuan Fuchun ranked 23 from the bottom, and there was no problem of being impersonated.

2. On the problem of failing to be employed after selection. According to the spirit of Lifa [1994] No.32 and No.33 documents, rural schools take the township (town) as the unit, and according to the requirements of the higher authorities, carry out the establishment and post setting, and select and employ the best faculty and staff..

At that time, in the process of selecting and appointing Fuwo Township, there were errors in the implementation of the documents of the county Party committee and the county government, and the school district was selected and employed as a unit based on the school district, which was corrected by the County Education Commission, and the selection and appointment of the school district was invalid. The original materials selected by school district as the unit have been corrected by the materials of selecting and employing the whole township as the unit. Now, the list of teachers employed by patriotic school district in Yuan Fuchuns hand is the selection and appointment of the school district as the unit, which is invalid.

3. On the reflection of being detained by the Education Bureau of Lijin County. Yuan Fuchun refused to accept his dismissal. Over the years, he repeatedly petitioned and complained to all levels and relevant departments, disrupting the office order. In particular, on January 31, 2012, collusion with others forced the central government organs, causing adverse effects. In February 2012, he was detained by the public security organ of Lijin county according to law, not by the Education Bureau.

4. About the problem of continuing teaching until November after losing employment.

According to the investigation, at the beginning of the autumn term in 1994, the democracies who had been dismissed from the former Fuwo Township went to the County Education Committee to reflect the wrong practices of Fuwo township. According to the spirit of Lifa [1994] No. 32 and No. 33 documents, the County Education Committee instructed the former Fuwo Township Party committee and government to correct the practice of selecting and employing the school district as a unit, and implemented unified selection and appointment of the whole township. Yuan Fuchun and other three people in the former patriotic school district were dismissed due to low scores, and Yuan Fuchun continued to be employed In school teaching less than a month, not personal narrative to November.

Yuan Fuchun, a villager in Dongying City, Shandong Province, recently reported that he had been replaced as a teacher for 26 years. He became a private teacher in Lijin County in 1982, and was dismissed by the headmaster of his primary school in 1994. By chance, he saw the employment files of that year, and he realized that he might have been replaced.