Relaxed moment: if you want to get good results in the college entrance examination, you cant miss the cheongsam

 Relaxed moment: if you want to get good results in the college entrance examination, you cant miss the cheongsam

I was lucky to have eaten it before I was alive. It tastes good~

When I was a child, I always thought that the things written in the textbook were particularly attractive, such as the fish soup of the old monitor in the golden fishhook and the oyster in my uncle Yule. Now I think I still want to eat it.

In the most beautiful youth years, I chose to eat the most, I am not fat who is fat? (@ big head and his friends)

Other peoples youth: love travel to earn money

Cumin all over the body, is it roasted like a string? Leng is to show me hungry.

Its so real

Russia: starved to death.

In order to keep fit, I decided to change jobs.

On June 30, the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou announced that it needed to recruit two civil servants without becoming a monk.

In 2016, Zhao Liangui, a post-90s guy, applied for the staff of the Lingyin Temple propaganda department. He had been operating for 3 years in the official account.

According to Zhao Liangui, after the written examination in Lingyin Temple, the staff of the propaganda department and the masters of the temple will interview and select them. There are four people in total, they will ask all the routine questions that are asked during the interview. Masters attendance is mainly to see the edge of the eye.

Zhao Liangui said that he went to work at 8:30 a.m. and left work at 4:30 p.m. in the temple, the workload was uncertain, and the assessment didnt have to be forced. Everything goes with the luck. There were only vegetable dishes in the studio, but no meat food. The healthy and regular diet made him lose 20 jin in the working time of one and a half years.

Can lose weight, have wages, the key can also get the blessing of Buddha.

Are you still hiring? Id like to go!!

Money doesnt matter, I just want to go in and lose some fat!

What good working conditions! Everything goes with the luck~

Temple: Yes, KPI goes with fate, so does salary and bonus~

Programmer: as long as it is not 996, I will!

Sometimes, people really need to be Buddhist. They can endure nothing for a while.

Have you ever seen someone singing like hell this time?

Beating woman: so its self-defense to hit her!

How bad is it to sing

How can you score if you sing well? How can you beat people? Would you please give some face to those who are not good at singing?

If you dont sing well and have to be beaten I might have to be killed

Thank you for not playing with strangers in the box next to me!

When you sing seriously by yourself and find someone coming, you will sing very hard on purpose and pretend that you are just humming

Then again, KTV singing is much worse, can you call?

Its not my own person. Why cant we talk?

The highest level of killing: if I dont do it, I can kill the other party once I open my mouth!

The KTV should be fully responsible for the current situation. If the sound insulation is not in place, the medical expenses will be obtained.

#What was my neighbor doing while I was sleeping in#

Promise me, the mouth is only for eating, OK?

Some words are endowed with many connotations.

This is not, today I have a new understanding of what emergency lane is.

Its not unreasonable to park. Since its an emergency lane, what should we do if we dont solve the burning problem?

This reminds us that we must drive in the back seat.

Im joking. Such an ugly behavior must be strongly condemned.

This tunnel should set up a prohibition sign: no driving in the vehicle.

In this call to criticize the camera, or not clear enough ah, in case of violation of the license plate can not even shoot how?

In a sense, this stimulating behavior is very conducive to weight loss.

Calm... 32 calories

In a hurry 98 calories

Her dads knocking on the door... 5218 calories

Police knocking on the door... 24180 calories

Seriously, if I had the momentum of this bear below, I would have lost weight.

The black bear has been on a love hunt since June, crossing several States and hiking more than 650 kilometers for more than a month. The black bears whereabouts caused many concerns, and various departments jointly assisted it to travel safely.

In order to get rid of the list, we can do more Single bears set an example for single dogs!

As long as we have half of its courage, we are not still single

So can I walk 650 kilometers?

Well, it still depends on the face

Say some people, how do you object to the college entrance examination, annual examination, year after year not up?

Tomorrow will be the college entrance examination, the annual college entrance examination must show the program: lose your admission card, and it will be staged on time.

On July 5, Ms. Zhou, the parent of a candidate in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, sold the college entrance examination permit, which was sandwiched in a book by her child and her classmates, as waste products to a man who collected them. Parents rushed to the waste station to find, but the waste has been packed away. At present, 3 candidates have not been found.

The test has not yet, his mother has sold the book, so anxious?

Parents: I heard that there is a golden house in the book. How can we not be in a hurry?

It seems that this is bound not to read again, so desperate, how also have to pass!

Examinee: the premise is that you can find the admission card

There are four fixed programs in the college entrance examination every year: 1. The college entrance examination card is lost; 2. You go to the wrong examination room; 3. You cry outside the entrance time of the college entrance examination, and the parents kneel down; 4. If someone in your family has passed away, you dont tell him about it; others are welcome to add.


This situation can only seize the time to turn a few more Koi, right?

Forward this Zhu Chaoyang, no matter what you are next exam will pass!

#What are the candidates doing before the college entrance examination#

Next, please enjoy the annual refueling session of senior three.

On July 5, a senior high school in Heping County, Guangdong Province, organized senior three teachers and students to fish in the school. According to the school teacher, holding this activity means fish leaping over the dragons gate and winning the gold medal. It can relax and participate in the college entrance examination in a better state. This year, we caught 2000 Jin of fish. That night, the school invited students to eat fish for free in the canteen.

Fish: Ive crossed the ghost gate!

As you can see, the headmaster who caught the fish was really happy~

The moral is very good, I hope that tomorrows college entrance examination of senior three students can be ranked!

With the college entrance examination approaching, many mothers and female teachers put on cheongsam one after another, wishing the children a victory. What about the male teacher?

On July 5, a male senior high school teacher in Dandong, Liaoning Province, put on a red cheongsam for the children.

The teacher wrote on the blackboard: I wish my students a good start. then he took out the scissors and asked the children to cut the bifurcation of the cheongsam higher, because it is said that the higher the fork, the better the test..

Teacher: I finally found the reason to wear cheongsam!

Admit it, you just want to wear womens clothes at this time!

I have also opened the door to knowledge. It is the first time that students have heard that the higher the fork is, the better they will do in the exam.

Such a teacher must be very happy to be his student.

This scene may be a warm memory of childrens life. Although these students are smiling at the teacher, one day they will watch this video crying~

Tears and laughter interweave the moment is always the most memorable.

On the last day before the college entrance examination, Mr. Wei, the third senior high school in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, gave his students the last class. As a man, he couldnt help it. His back to the students made him cry. Is the students are also crying, suddenly, he turned the front of his voice, shouting on things, the whole class boiling up. It turned out that Mr. Wei specially ordered cakes, pizzas, and drinks with each students name and blessing. The scene immediately turned into a carnival before the college entrance examination.

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High school teacher tears at students back in the last lesson (source: pear video)

It turned out that the place that I could not wait to leave now seems to be a paradise

Tomorrow will be the college entrance examination, I hope you will have a smooth examination!

By the way, todays summer heat, you must pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling~

I wish you all the best in advance!

Do not test everyone, also want to continue to refuel~


Scan the QR code as shown in the figure below. You can talk to the teacher

Excuse me everybody Yi you, this relation, can marry?????

Make complaints about up

You make complaints about two Tucao friends.

Blessing, come on!

Learn, skill is not the pressure

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