Dont forget why you started.

-- Xi Jinping

General secretary Xi Jinping issued

Dont forget your original intention and move on

The great call of

The rippling South Lake of Jiaxing

Red land full of stories


Every time I gaze is a look back on history

Full of love for the red land

Every time I stop and listen, I feel with my heart

Full of the memory of the revolutionary martyrs

Red footprint is the footstep of pursuing

Where to come from, where to go

The Communist Party of China has its source and root

General secretary Xi Jinping said

The site of the first party congress in Shanghai

It is the place where our party dreams to set sail

From boat to ship

Ride the wind and waves all the way

Sailing to the other side of the brilliant

Go further

Come to a brilliant future

We cant forget the past

Seeking the root of the party

Do not change the original intention of Communists

Anchor coordinates and lock course in the new era

Open the red chapter of the storm

Draw strength from history

General secretary Xi Jinping has returned to Xibaipo for many times.

With reverence every time

Go with a lot of thinking

History of Chinese revolution

Its the best textbook

Nourish the soul and baptize the spirit

Across time and space

Review the Two Musts

It is glory, expectation and responsibility

Pursuing the great spirit

Draw on the inexhaustible power of moving forward

Those who drink it will cherish its source

General secretarys Thoughts on the source of the long march

Its about revolutionary ideals being higher than heaven

The source of life is the people

The source of success is the people

Share the same fate with the people

Give full support and support

Go through a series of setbacks

And again and again to rise

The victory of the long march enlightens us

A political party has lofty ideals and lofty pursuits

There is faith in the heart and strength at the foot

Pursuit of ideals and beliefs

The towering Jinggangshan tells the story of heroes

General secretary Xi Jinping respected heroes and respected heroes.

Looking up affectionately over and over again

In memory of heroes and martyrs

The motherland is the most solid backing of the people

Hero is the most shining coordinate of a nation

Heroes in peacetime

Its the white coat that holds the armor retrograde

Is the green camouflage battle will win

It is the creator of history - the people

Red gene passed on from generation to generation

General secretary Xi Jinping urged

Let the red gene merge into the blood

Let the red spirit inspire strength

You cant fade the color

Its blood, its life

It was built by struggle and struggle

Pursuing the red power

Both contain the partys spiritual code

It also marks the spiritual road mark of struggle

A great expedition to awaken the people

The more frustrated, the braver, the more desperate rebirth

A great epic of mankinds pursuit of truth and light

Lofty sentiments, stirring the hearts of the people

In the heart of the general secretary

Like an immortal monument

Resonate with the times

Gather Chinas strength

Pursuing the spirit of the long march

Face the present

Time waits for no one, seize the day

Never forget the time and the way

Step on the red earth again and again

Pay close attention to the development of the old areas and the peoples lives

From the feeling of never forgetting the well digger

It is a history of deep love between the party and the people

Recalling the past, talking about tradition, nagging at home

Dont forget the old revolutionary base areas

Its commitment, its action

In the heart of the general secretary

Getting rid of poverty and becoming rich without the poor in old areas

Love the people

The best way to do things is to enjoy the people

Let the common people live a good life

It is the starting point and foothold of all our work

Care for the sick and have a cure

Care for the weak and help

Worrying about learning and teaching

With the firm belief of doing practical things for the people

Always encourage oneself with the peoples servant

Smile on the faces of villagers

Is to pursue the most beautiful scenery on the road

The times are the paper makers, we are the responders, and the people are the readers

The party is far from over in the face of the rush examination

But the Communists, after all the vicissitudes, have a firm heart

From the spark

To the worlds largest political party

There is no mountain higher than man


Always in special years