Huawei Kunpeng 920 desktop: mixed

 Huawei Kunpeng 920 desktop: mixed

The machine adopts a Kunpeng d92s10 motherboard, and the Kunpeng 920249k eight core processor is directly welded on it, and it is not replaceable. The first level instruction and data cache of each core are 64KB, the second level cache of each core is 512KB, and the third level cache share 32MB.

The motherboard has four DDR4 memory slots, the maximum support capacity is 64GB, the expansion slot pcie3.0x16/x4/x1 has one, the hard disk interface has six sata6gbps, two m.2, the network has gigabit network card, and reserved Wi Fi network card interface, the back interface has one VGA, two USB2.0, two USB3.0.

The host is pre installed with two Kingston 8gb2666mhz memory, dtst 256gb SATA solid-state hard disk, Yingtong rx550 graphics card (it is said that only a card can be used), and sohoo 200W power supply.

The operating system is the unified information software UOS, but it is not activated. You need to spend another 800 yuan to download the not rich software from the app store, or try to activate it for 90 days.

In terms of testing, up mainly focuses on video editing, only running a blenderbmw, and the result takes 11 minutes and 47 seconds, which is not ideal.

There is no barrier to play the video of station B with super multi screen, and the streaming 4K video is easy to handle, and the CPU utilization is not high. However, it is hard to get stuck in the face of local 4K video.

Source: Kuai technology editor: Duan Jiaqi_ NT7312