Summer surf shop Wang Yibo and Huang Xuan clink glasses for three times to show Bo style humility

 Summer surf shop Wang Yibo and Huang Xuan clink glasses for three times to show Bo style humility

The interesting content of the premiere of summer surf shop has caused a lot of discussion among fans. Wang Yibo, the first flying guest of the program, has amazing balance. Just arrived in the store, he took a water cup to skateboard, but the water didnt fall. Then the 21 second balance challenge seemed to grow on the balance board! Late at night, Huang Xuan talked with me. The two courteous make complaints about three times, and the next Han Dongjun could not bear it. Netizens also commented: Bo style cup clinking, very humble!

To the game, each other routine, the other party to do the designated action of the guests fight wits and courage, almost contracted 80% of the laugh points of this issue. Han Dongjuns first routine, Huang qianxuan was indifferent, Han Dongjun had to force the performance to cover up himself. The intelligence quotient of Huang Minghao, who understands the essence of the game, suddenly soars. Han Dongjun and Qiao Xin are very happy! Wang Yibo watched the whole battle with a smile and occasionally winked at Han Dongjun to pass the secret signal. It was extremely cute! All kinds of hilarious performances of the guests were very easy to cure, which inspired netizens strong yearning for summer surf shop!

8g young Huang Minghao surfing with imagination 3D big screen

Whats the wave if you cant go to the beach? Summer surf shop will restore guests to surf with 3D effect, with full sensory impact, and create an immersive slow wave experience for you in the city! The adrenaline surge brought by the speed and passion of surfing and the healing feeling of the sea are vividly presented in the 3D advertisement, which is the first time that this kind of new outdoor advertising method is used in the domestic variety show. If you cant go to the seaside, you can punch in a group photo with 3D screen in online or offline forms, and you can cloud surf! You can also get all kinds of summer benefits by taking part in punch in activities. Come and enjoy the slow wave summer!