Guo biting is reported to suffer from prenatal depression

 Guo biting is reported to suffer from prenatal depression

Recently, it was reported on the Internet that Guo biting, who had not seen her husband Xiangzuo for nearly half a year, suffered from prenatal depression and was in a very low mood. She had problems with her husbands feelings.

On the evening of July 4, the Hong Kong media who received the news called Xiangtai Chen Lan to ask whether Guo bitings report on prenatal depression was true.

Mrs. Xiang said that the relationship between her son and his daughter-in-law is absolutely OK. They cant meet each other because of the epidemic situation. They have phone calls and videos every day. They have good feelings. The writers on the Internet are so boring that they dont want others to be nice. As soon as Hong Kong opens up, Xiang Zuo immediately goes to Taibei to pick her up (Guo biting) home and register for marriage.

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