Do you want to run in the morning? You need to master these 8 skills

 Do you want to run in the morning? You need to master these 8 skills

Getting up in the morning has a lot to do with sleeping the night before. Only when the quality of sleep at night is high, can we get up early the next day. This requires runners to develop good sleep habits. Go to bed regularly every night, ensure 7-9 hours of sleep time, one hour before going to bed do not play with mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, three hours before going to bed do not drink coffee and alcohol, to create a good environment for sleep.

Get your running gear ready in advance

Before going to bed, the running shoes, clothes, water and food needed for the next days running should be prepared and placed in a conspicuous place, so as not to clean up when you get up the next day. Some runners are in a bad mood because they pack up their equipment when they get up early, and even give up running directly.

Sleeping in running clothes

In order to increase their enthusiasm and initiative in running, runners can wear running clothes to sleep. When you wake up the next day and see yourself wearing a running suit, you will have the motivation to get up and run.

Especially in winter, many runners are used to turning off the alarm clock after the alarm clock rings, and then go to sleep again. If you really want to get up and run in the morning, put the alarm clock out of reach. If you have to get up and turn off the alarm clock, you will have the enthusiasm to run.

Reward yourself

Although rewarding yourself is to spend your own money, it will at least make you have the temptation to get up and train. Set a goal for yourself, and when youre done with your morning run, you can reward yourself with a massage or some kind of running gear.

Change the line

Its easy for a runner to lose interest in running with a constant route. Often changing routes will make the runner keep a strong desire to explore, which will become one of the attractiveness of morning running.

Wear reflective clothing

If you get up early in the morning, the light on the road is not good. For safety reasons, runners can wear reflective clothing, which is not only to protect themselves, but also to warn others.