Why is that sex so unforgettable

 Why is that sex so unforgettable

What kind of psychological mechanism can keep the vague memory clear?

In fact, the same sex, every time and every time the feeling is not the same.

Sometimes, we make love with our bodies and feel each others breath; sometimes, we make love with our hearts and sublimate our feelings

Because, in this kind of sex, there is energy flowing.

Its also because sex can change our hearts.


The sex that inspired me

Shared by: Han Yu

In retrospect, there has never been a time in my life where I could have enjoyed sex with Sasha as crazily as I did when I first got married, not out of the novelty of the new marriage, but because of the need.

One day when she came home from work, there were two pieces of mens clothes on the bed. When she changed clothes, Sasha rubbed over and said, honey, try it and buy it for you!

I dont need it, I said with a straight face Sasha didnt respond for a moment, and continued to persuade me: the discount is not a luxury, you can try it!

I just cant bear to see Sashas aggrieved appearance, and suddenly became angry: did I say I want clothes? My family just bought a house, so many loans have you thought about it? Dont you feel miserable without spending money?

The last word, I said heavy, Sasha froze for 3 seconds, and then quickly returned to calm. Her emotional intelligence has always been high. For example, now, her calmness makes me feel guilty.

On my chest, Sashas short hair tickled me. I carried her directly to bed

All the previous moment of guilt, turned into power, I sprint all the way to the end, sweating, and then slowly restored calm.

After that, Sasha was still reluctant to leave. She breathed like a naughty child behind my back. My heart itched so much that I got up to respond to her: what a fighter!

I heard Sasha say in my ear, in this case, how can we not fight more bravely?

I put down my guilt, and this time, it was full of love.

Between us, it seems that there is no need for any language.

When I left her body, all negative emotions, such as helplessness, grievance and guilt, disappeared, and I had energy again!

My marriage to Sasha is not blessed.

So she abandoned everything in her hometown of Hangzhou and went to Shanghai with me to start a business. Before I got to know Sasha, I felt like I was in need of everything. After I got to know Sasha, I suddenly felt very poor.

Its a kind of pain that you love her, but you cant keep her living standard.

But Sasha doesnt care. She can walk with me in high-heeled shoes to talk business with me like a soldier, or fight with dishonest customers regardless of her image.

Every progress in our career has her sweat.

When we encounter setbacks, we always think of sex, because at that time, we especially need each others temperature.

Sharing sex:

If a persons living standard can be measured by material, then what can sex be measured by? Time? Frequency?

It doesnt seem to be in tune. None of these factors can describe the wonderful experience a perfect sex brings us.

Because of this, sexual love has a special incentive effect, it can let us forget the shackles of secular ideas, as long as the heart to experience, it can return you in feeling.

When you really feel the needs of your partner and treat this intimate relationship with love, you will unconsciously motivate yourself to do better.

This good play will also promote you to overcome difficulties and fears in reality, thus changing the status quo.


Sharer: Linglong

I always feel that my marriage is in the intimacy and loneliness, and it goes on and on.

Sometimes, standing at the right distance to look back on my marriage, I will feel very happy.

However, when you are in it, you often cant find a sense of existence.

Once I worked overtime and called my husband to ask for help. He faltered and said at home that I knew he was lying. Despite his work, he went home to check his post. He was not there.

I was flustered, all sorts of guesses in my heart.

That night, he couldnt help but try. After several rounds, he didnt even drop water.

Finally, I couldnt hold my breath and cried first. My husband panicked and explained, I lost the companys documents. Others helped me find them. I went out to pick them up temporarily.

It turned out that he just happened to be absent, not intentional deception. I heard his abnormal tone on the phone, just panic after losing the document.

Shyly, I thrust my head into my husbands arms, feeling sorry for my suspicions and worrying about the deterioration of the relationship between myself and my husband.

At the moment, I cry pear with rain, and take the initiative to embrace, he suddenly came to the spirit, the ability to push the boat along the river is really first-class.

In his fierce collision and gentle caress, I calmed down, and then suddenly rushed to the climax.

Just feel husband does not love oneself, a turn around, found the most real existence feeling in sexual love again, really call a tangle!

As soon as he got out of bed, her husband restored the nature of wooden pimples and immediately put on a look that didnt matter to anything. The enthusiasm for me, as if the instant zero.

As usual, I would complain that he broke the bridge over the river.

However, with the previous suspicion, I understand how lovely this magnanimous husband is.

He is willing to spare no effort to satisfy me, willing to redeem my hesitation when I need it most. Maybe, for him, I should not force too much.

Sharing sex:

After the invention of language, human beings seem to have a gorgeous coat, but no one can ignore the most primitive power of sexual love, which can surpass language!

In the case of Linglong, sex is repairing the boundary of their intimate relationship and dissolving her doubts about the relationship, which brings the two closer physically and psychologically.

This sexual love, burning off a lot of irrational emotional residues, is a kind of cohesive force in a depressed state.

So, its unforgettable.


The sex that I learned to cherish

Sharer: surging

In this world, what I hate most is Mr. Sus indifferent expression when he is angry; what I like most is Mr. Sus sincere, romantic and childlike expression.

Yes, Mr. Su is an emotional person. He always says because he cares about you, he will lose his temper. But, cant you please control it a little bit?

In my impression, the most fierce quarrel was about buying a house. Mr. Su and I argued endlessly about whether to use the balance of the provident fund as a loan or as a down payment. He wanted to save interest and I wanted to get enough decoration expenses as soon as possible.

As a result, it was a good thing, but it aroused all our old and new hatred.

Mr. Su did not show weakness, retorted: if you have the ability, dont live if you buy it!

Seeing that this was the rhythm of driving me away, I immediately became furious and slammed the door away.

Along the way, I cried as I walked, causing pedestrians to keep looking at me.

Who am I working so hard for? Why cant I be nice to myself?!

The stomach is full, the heart is not so empty, think of their own experience in the morning, also do not feel so sad. Think

I think Mr. Su is hungry at the moment. Besides gloating, he is moved with compassion. I bought the same set meal and took it back. I happened to meet Mr. Su at the door. He was planning to go out to buy food.

When he saw the takeout in my hand, he was moved by it. He took it without saying a word and ate it silently on the sofa.

When I went into the room to change clothes, I was really shocked by the pieces of clothes scattered on the bed. When I was away, Mr. Su actually cut my clothes to vent my anger!

I couldnt laugh or cry. I rushed out of the house to grab the hamburger in Mr. Sus hand.

He took two quick bites, then hugged me in his arms, dropped the hamburger, and assumed the appearance of I want to eat you now..

Im drunk, too. Its the first time Ive been up and down on a pile of clothes.

Finally, he sat on the edge of the bed with a bad smile on his face: you see, I said I have impulse control disorder! I cant control cutting clothes and making friends.

I didnt pay attention to him. I was in a mixed mood.

Strange to say, in the messy room, in the mood of ups and downs, I feel a rare impulse from the heart, which is a precious experience of lost and recovered.

It made me forget the quarrel and the rift in the relationship a few hours ago, it let me ignore the shock of seeing the clothes fragment, it made our relationship stronger and more complete.

Afterwards, we decided to set aside a part of the balance of the provident fund to buy me some new clothes!

Sharing sex:

Some sex with anger is unforgettable because after the excitement, some deeper emotions emerge.

In this unforgettable sex, the feeling of lost and recovered is so obvious because it helps people to dissolve some low-level emotions and induce high-level emotions.

Sex not only brings pleasure, but also strengthens peoples love in a pleasant atmosphere. Even anger can be easily solved when both husband and wife work together to improve.

At this time, sex is often used as a tool to integrate peoples body and mind.