The women who can let men love for a long time are low investment women!

 The women who can let men love for a long time are low investment women!

Although the pursuit of love is beautiful, but love that is often put into full play will not have a good end.

When the emotional status of marriage becomes unequal, when the other party can not see any attraction in you;

When your endless giving becomes the other partys dislike, when your full expectations are not responded to, love will naturally become precarious.


The so-called low investment marriage is to control their own investment in love, not publicity, not humble and do not accommodate.

Both know how to maintain marriage, give each other warmth and comfort at the right time, but will not spare no effort to love.

After all, its easy to be taken for granted!

Some time ago, my friend Xiaoya cried to me. She felt that her marriage had come to an end and could never be retrieved.

The reason, however, is because of the inequality of emotional status after marriage, because of her high input and high pay, she is always trying to compromise and be humble.

After marriage, she chose to quit her job and return to her family. Every day at home in addition to taking care of the children, is to put all the energy into the husband.

Every day at home, she thought about what to do to eat and find something fun to relieve her husbands work pressure;

When its over nine oclock in the evening, I worry about why my husband still doesnt go home and whether theres something wrong with work;

When a man doesnt answer the phone, he starts to worry about whats wrong with him. He waits for him at home silently until dawn;

But her concern and kindness are not the concern of her husband, but more impatience and rejection.

It seems that the more you give and the more you expect, the less you have yourself, she said

Yes, just like not every sorry can be replaced by one, it doesnt matter, and not all of you can get a happy ending.


I saw a contribution from a netizen on Zhihu

She said that she was conscientious in her work and highly appreciated by her leaders; in her life, she was also a good cook, eloquent and very popular.

I thought that I would have a happy family and a healthy baby, but the reality is that there is a big difference.

After marriage, in order to take better care of the family, she did not hesitate to quit her high paying job and concentrate on being a housewife.

Not only the home is well organized, but also the mother-in-law is served.

Until a quarrel, her husband yelled at her, saying that she was useless. Every day, she only knew to go around the house like a nanny, and was not considerate at all.

She didnt understand why she gave her heart and soul, but finally got such a result. His harsh words made her heart cool.

In fact, there are traces of all this.

When you pay too much in a relationship, when you become the weak side of the relationship, you will become worthless in the eyes of the other party.

And in love, the most afraid is that you pay no one to understand, let your heart be in vain.


However, not every desperate love can get a happy ending.

There is such a marriage tragedy in the movie no question of the west east.

Liu Shufen loves Xu BoChang very much. In order to marry him, she saves money and helps him go to university. She is willing to help him realize his dream.

Even though Xu BoChang was kind to everyone around her after marriage, she insisted on giving him the best food. She didnt dare to smell it, so she could only use boiling water to quench his hunger;

She insisted on cooking and washing for him every day without any complaint. Even though he always regarded her as a stranger, she patiently took care of his daily meals and daily life.

Knowing that she would not be happy in a marriage without love, she still gave wholeheartedly and was not willing to let go. Finally, she had to die by jumping into a well.

Love is beautiful, but unfortunately, not every relationship will end well, and not every lover is worth your gentle treatment.


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

If women give less, their husbands will give more.

Love has never been a one-man show. It doesnt need one party to pay unreservedly, and the other cant ask for it recklessly.

Love needs to be managed. In a high-quality relationship, the two sides must pay equally.

When a woman marries, she devotes all her love and thoughts to her marriage and family. If she doesnt know how to cherish herself, she will not have a good result.

Learn to low input pay, love yourself more, love can go longer, more happiness!