Sister: why can they live more and more charming?

 Sister: why can they live more and more charming?

Indeed, no woman is not afraid of old age, so there will be so many women in the beauty salon willing to invest a lot of money, so there are so many women who are afraid of being called aunt and always want others to call themselves little sister.

But it is such a program that we can see how smart these 30 + sisters live. They dont feel inferior because of their age. On the contrary, they think that age is their advantage.

Just like Zhang Yuqi said: after years of precipitation, I am more confident, I feel that I am in the highlight every moment. If I really cant, I will not lose my confidence. I will carry my luggage confidently and go out.

Its like tranquility saying, if this old age still depends on peoples face, then Ive done nothing for decades?

Just like Wanxi said, the sisters are really unstable. They walk around everywhere. The little girl must be sitting here obediently. The director will tell you what to do.

Just like Bai Bing said: this world is not a world where no one can do without. Facing the past and embracing the future, in my world, chivalry never disappears.

Just like Zheng Xiyi said: my best age is now. I feel that I am more intelligent than before. I know what I want more than before. I have a more sense of responsibility and take care of my family and loved ones.

With their own efforts and natural and unrestrained, our sisters tell us that age is not a problem. Whether it is 30 +, 40 + or 50 +, we can live a confident, brave, independent and beautiful life. We dont need to worry about getting old. As long as you dont give up on yourself, even if you are 80 years old, you can live a beautiful scenery.

Of course, what I want to say here is that if you want to live a good and wonderful life, you dont have to talk about it with your mouth. Whether you live well before 30 depends on luck, and after 30, you depend on strength.

I have a lot of girls who live well after 30. They have enough confidence to face life and enough courage to face difficulties. Most of these women have such characteristics.

Most of them are self disciplined and hardworking

Self discipline is freedom. I think this sentence is most appropriate for 30 + women.

Take a look at the female stars in the entertainment industry, Lin Zhiling, Yan Ni, Zhang Ziyi and Xiao Qiang. They are no longer in their twenties, but they have lived up to 18 years old. There is nothing else but that they manage their bodies well and live a special self-discipline.

Managing a good figure is the minimum expression of self-discipline. Although we dont need to be so strict with ourselves as Jinsha that we have to use a scale to weigh our meals, we should at least know how to refuse to overeat and keep good health, so that we can still maintain a good body with self-confidence at this age when the basic metabolism is gradually decreasing.

In addition to maintaining the body and appearance, we can see how demanding these women are to themselves. They can sing and dance. If they cant, they will try their best to learn. Anyway, they wont admit defeat.

How many women can have such courage and perseverance? If you are the kind of person who has only been to the fitness card once, cant stop talking and cant open his legs. If you want to do a lot of things but have no perseverance, you must think about it. Is it your own reason that you have a bad life.

Try hard, and time will give you the answer. I think this is the best enlightenment from the elder sister who rides the wind and waves.

Most of them have patterns and are not affectable

The elder sister who rides the wind and waves has attracted many peoples attention from its launch and has been searched for many times.

Different from previous variety shows, in this program, as the contestants sisters are proud, which is what we call difficult.

They all have their own living habits and independent thoughts. They will not be able to completely follow the direction of the director like young girls. Therefore, when they go through a lot of processes, it will be difficult for the public to speak.

In the face of them, the director group and the staff became cautious, and the judges did not know how to speak for several times. Even Huang Xiaoming, who always appeared as an overbearing president, was repeatedly worried by fans.

Although it is true that some elder sisters speak bluntly in the program, it can be said that most sisters are not annoying. On the contrary, I think that women in their thirties should have such temperament.

The significance of womens efforts is to be able to live the life they want, and the sisters who appear in the program have fulfilled our dream.

Although they may be picky, most of the time, they are not fussy. They are very mature and confident. If you look at them more, you will know what is the confidence and charm of mature women.

Most of them have high EQ and good communication

What is the biggest difference between a mature woman and a little girl? I think its communication skills. Many people like to get along with mature women because they are good at communication, have high EQ, and can handle problems. They are never embarrassed to be with them.

In this program, I think Wu Xin is such a person. As a host for many years, she can adjust the atmosphere. In some embarrassing occasions, she knows how to use a few words to ease peoples emotional discomfort.

Most of the older sisters are more cooperative in team composition and program arrangement than we think. They will not be choosy and try their best to do what they can.

Of course, I also found a feature, that is, these 30 + usually look very cool sisters. After they get familiar with them, they are also particularly coquettish women. They communicate in this way, and defuse many contradictions skillfully.

Being reasonable, rational, gentle and willful is the best way for 30 + women.

Just as Zhang lunshuo, Zhongs husband, said, she is really coquettish in life. I enjoy that tone.

So, little girls, dont mistakenly understand the meaning of being independent and strong. Being independent and strong is not that you dont depend on anyone. Its not that you live as a steel woman soldier. Its that when you should be independent, you can support your life, and when you should show weakness, you also know how to bow your head and frown.

Speaking of these 30 sisters, I dont need to tell you how successful their careers are.

Zhang Meng is the owners wife of Shanghai Yaoke media company. The companys business involves film and television drama production, performance brokerage and other fields. Huang Shengyi has six companies. Her husband, Yangzi, is one of the shareholders of Juli group. Its industry covers new energy, film and television, real estate, finance, etc., with abundant financial resources. Jingjing owns two companies, Shen Mengchen owns two companies, and Wang Likun holds two In addition, Wanxi, LAN Yingying, Jinchen, Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Hanyun all set up their own studios and become their own owners.

On the day of the programs broadcast, mango hypermedias share price soared, touching the limit. By the end of the day, the price rose by 6.82%, with a total market value of over 100 billion. According to the material publicity before the broadcast of sister riding the wind and waves, 13 sponsors have sponsored it, more than double that of many variety shows of the same type in the same period. These data alone prove their strength.

You may say that these women are married well, but I really want to tell you that for women, the biggest confidence is not how well they marry, but that they have money and career, and they have the confidence to start over at any time.

If these sisters marry a rich man while they are young and beautiful, and then they dont try to be salted fish, they will be rejected sooner or later. But it is because they work hard enough, have a good career, bring their own flow and topics, so that they can firmly grasp their own happiness.

While bemoaning mango TV variety show ability and envious sisters, I really want to tell all women that career is absolutely the best maintenance for a woman, because with a career, you can have money and leisure. Only in this way can you do what you want to do, and then keep yourself in a better state of mind and live a better life.

In most of the programs of the womens League, we can see the students crying in a group. In sister riding the wind and waves, we can see the sisters tears occasionally, but most of the time, their facial expressions are rational and calm.

Growing up is the process of turning crying into silence. This sentence is probably for a woman of 30 years old. At this age, you must understand that many problems cannot be solved by crying. Only when you calm down and think of good solutions, can we change the situation.

Although Zheng Jun explained that Liu Yun is like a child, I dont think such a definition is a compliment for a mature woman.

If you cant do it now, you must practice hard, because only in this way can you control your life easily at any time.

Most of them have a firm heart and will not be easily controlled by others

I have a lot of women around me. When I was nearly 30 years old, I began to worry because my family was urging her to get married, but she didnt want to make do with herself for the sake of her family.

At such a time, the most important thing you should do is to work hard to make yourself have the ability to have the confidence to live a good life and let the people around you know that you can live a happy life no matter whether you are married or not.

Moreover, many people in the effort, will find that their fate is there to wait for themselves, happiness comes naturally, let it be.

No matter what age you are at and what kind of life you are in, please know what you want and what direction you should go in the future. Remember that no one can make you unhappy. Only you are the master of life and the source of happiness.

I hope that all of you can understand after reading sister of riding the wind and waves that the age of more than 30 is really not a terrible age, but the best time for a woman.

Therefore, whether you are about to be in your thirties or already in your thirties, you should see your best side, try to enlarge it, and then live your best self and have the best happiness.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.