Sister in the wind

 Sister in the wind

At the beginning of the program, the image of Li stani playing call for her sister with her soul was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the new program, Ms. Li forms a group with Zhang Yuqi and Wang Likun. As the rap part of the three people, Li stani takes the initiative to coach the rap part of the two sisters. Because she was worried that her sisters would be under pressure, Li stani kept cheering and cheering. All kinds of loving rainbows were flying in unison, and the smiling points overflowed the screen. Zhang Yuqi and Wang Likun also made great progress in the process of Lis encouraging teaching. Zhang Yuqi was even more excited and called out sister can rap! Lis encouraging teaching has aroused heated discussion among the audience, and she has been given the title of praise sister machine.

Singing and dancing in full swing

From the stage of 2011 happy female voice, lisdani has captured a large number of audiences with her super burning charm of singing and dancing. She has been making low-key efforts for many years, accumulating her strength and making numerous circles. For a long time, Lis cold appearance often gives people a sense of distance that is hard to get close to. However, with the broadcast of sister riding the wind and waves, Lis multi-faceted character of burning girl on the stage, little cute girl off the stage began to appear in front of the public. Shen Mengchen said that she was her mother, and Zheng Xiyi jokingly said that she was disappointed. Before knowing her, she thought she was handsome, and finally got to know her Later, she found another side of Lis mother. Easygoing and super obstinate, with the magic of an active atmosphere, lisdani has become the group pet of her sister, but SA Ke sweet and changeable contrast can always bring new surprise to the audience, so she has become the treasure girl in the public heart!

Sister riding the wind and waves continues brilliantly, and Li stani will continue to ride the wind in the handsome, soft, burning and sprouting, challenging the infinite possibilities!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952