How short of money are Chen Jianbin and pan Yueming? Why should they take on such a bold sand sculpture drama?!

 How short of money are Chen Jianbin and pan Yueming? Why should they take on such a bold sand sculpture drama?!

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If the plot of tyrannical president falling in love with me in the idol drama is the original sin of dog blood, then the existence of love me, dont think about it too much not only insults the audiences IQ, but also insults the audiences eyes. At least, there are handsome men and beautiful women in the idol drama.

Chen Jianbins match with Li Yitongs immortal CP is an eye opener and a surprise to me. I almost opened the door of such a strange new world of old and young couples, and the screenwriter is also a masterpiece in the comedy industry!

If its not the mystery of the dramas plot, in fact, love me, dont think too much about it is strong momentum: Chen Jianbin, pan Yueming, Li Yitong, Xu Wenguang. Pan Yueming is also a representative of the drama of suspense of conscience because of chasing the murderer in the white night and Longling fan Grottoes; although Li Yitong is a little flower, his works are rich and his acting skills are quite solid. Such a group of people get together, choose a theme should be popular, but they choose love.

Love to the audience is the ignorance of campus drama, the love of urban drama, the life and death of costume drama, and the sweetness of idol drama. But love me, dont think too much about it? Seriously, its really hard to say, it may have to open another article: is the pure love of the presidents play!

I dont want to understand whether pan Yueming is short of money recently, or he just selects bad opera practitioners to wait for his chasing murderer in the white night 2. However, what he has to wait for is 6.9 points of who says I cant get married, 5.3 points of people in the bureau and 3.5 points of love me, dont think too much about it. Cant you choose a script to consider whether to take over the play? It is reasonable to say that Pan Yuemings resources are not bad.

Li Yitong is hard-working in Xiaohua, but it is also hard to be praised. The resources are very good, but there is no audience. No matter it is an ancient costume drama or a city drama, black powder will be dissatisfied. This time, black powder has a chance, but this time, it is not a loss, it is really rotten, can not be refuted.

Well, lets have a good look at it. Its a bad idea.

First of all, Li Honghai, played by Chen Jianbin, is an old man with a fortune of hundreds of millions. However, he has a maiden heart who is eager to find true love not for money. This setting, I cant help laughing, worth hundreds of millions, what true love does not have, only this do not come for money goal is a bit funny, you not only have money, otherwise true love to you what? Youre old, dont you take a shower?

Xia Keke, played by Li Yitong, is a young and beautiful fashion designer. On the surface, he is a vain money worshiper, but in fact, he is frank and affectionate. Although the writer said that she was only superficial vanity, but the performance in the play revealed the feeling of being superior to others. Especially in the class meeting, where can I see her pragmatic and true temperament, that is, I like the vanity of her boyfriend who is a rich man!

At the beginning of the contact, Li Honghai deliberately lowered his identity and said that he was just a small boss of a steamed bun shop. Xia Keke didnt dislike him because of his false identity, so they fell in love with each other vigorously. Then there is the operation of the overbearing president.

At Xia Kekes students meeting, Li Honghai invested in hotels and bought cruise ships. How can Xia Keke not doubt your identity? A steamed bun shop owner can do these things?

The two soon fell in love and got married. After marriage, Li Honghai realized that Xia Keke had already known his rich status, and then he filed for a divorce. Im a good girl. All the girls are married to you. Do you have a few passbooks in your family? Besides, its a wife. Shouldnt you know your real identity? Still want to use steamed stuffed bun shop owner to fool people for a lifetime?

What I cant do is to make complaints about the plot, but it seems that nothing is happening to Yueming Pan. Yueming Pan plays Li Honghais assistant Mo Heng. The people in it are so greasy that I dont even bother to mention it. They are the owners who have to sign an agreement for everything. They really take themselves seriously. They are not just wage earners, but those with higher wages. Even love has to sign a love agreement. If such a person is in real life, he should be single for a lifetime!