How do women dress to look like leaders?

 How do women dress to look like leaders?

In this regard, she not only has great enthusiasm, but also puts all her time into action. Her deep concern about the environment also brought her spiritual tension.

Abby is the protagonist of season 5 Episode 5 of variety show the anxious social activist..

In this episode, there are so many contents worth discussing and sharing with you that I am deeply touched. The first thing that touched me was the attitude of her family.

Abby was nominated by her mother.

Unlike one of the nominees of a pirated variety show in China, her mother did not nominate her daughter because she was not satisfied with her daughters inability to dress up, not to go to university, or to make useless things (which may be the complaint of Chinese parents). The mother, a professor at the Institute, is very proud of her daughters responsibility for social and public issues and the earths environment.

What she hopes is that Abby can reduce anxiety and take care of herself, so that she can better devote herself to the cause she loves. And Abby says her mother is a very cool woman.

Every time I see such a relationship between parents and children, I feel very deeply, not only because it is very difficult for me to communicate with my parents, but also because it is difficult for most of us to establish such a profound understanding and support with our parents.

In the process of preliminary communication between the five member group of rescue the pink male, they all found that although Abby was only 18 years old, she had a deep concern and worry about environmental problems, all of which came from her sincere concern.

She does not think that she holds the great and noble public spirit, nor flaunt the slogan of saving the earth for the future of mankind.

Her concern first comes from a simple possibility: the person responsible for the destruction of the environment and the abnormal climate may not be here in 70 years, but her generation will be the one who will bear the consequences of environmental damage in the future.

Therefore, it is very important for them to act now. Only by doing something can they change this terrible situation.

Therefore, Abby has great motivation and pressure, hoping to do the best in every step to get closer to the goal.

My third point, of course, is an environment that allows Abby to engage in such activities, including public speaking, meetings in front of Parliament and government departments, proposals to members, and so on. This point is not suitable for discussion, but I believe everyone can understand.

Fourth, what touched me most was the conversation between Tan, the fashion director in the group of five, and Abby when they discussed clothes.

Abby said she usually doesnt think about whether she is beautiful or not, but because she is young, when she meets with partners or other organizers, she feels like she cant fit in and is despised. But instead of dressing herself up as a mature elite woman, she wore a simple T-shirt and shorts.

The reason behind this is perceived by Tan: do you think that if you dress up feminine, people will despise you? People dont pay enough attention to women themselves, especially to a girl who is obviously very young, Abby said

Abbys worry, I believe, is also the concern of many women

If I dont dress up and dress simply, others will not care about your point of view; if you dress up very delicate and feminine, others will despise you because you pay too much attention to dressing up, or because you are typical female appearance, you will not pay attention to your point of view.

The logic behind this is: women need to dress up, but the dressed women are not suitable for expressing opinions or making decisions, because it is a mans business. If a woman is too masculine, she will be considered not to be what a woman should be.

In short, women should not do what men should do - to express their views and try to gain leadership and decision-making power.

Tans basic considerations about Abbys look are:

I like your strength (affirming and retaining her strong characteristics). I will choose the right clothes for you, so that you can show your prestige in various occasions (it is OK for a woman to show her prestige), and complete more great work (support for her current work), because there is no rule that a social activist can not be feminized, and female characteristics can become one Its a power, not a restriction on women.

Although I dont like to compare it with a variety show, I do not consciously think of such uncomfortable plots as persuading women to buy lipstick, giving wedding dresses to people to get married, complaining that the wife who takes care of quadruplets cant dress up and so on.

When shopping, Tan always asks the guests about their ideas and concerns about dressing up and choosing clothes. For example, are you worried that people in the group have bad ideas about dressing yourself up?, it seems that you want to keep a low profile and not be noticed, but to lead a campaign..

Being noticed is inevitable, so who you are, who you are, who you are is the most important thing. If you need to dress appropriately, show authority and be respected, do so. If you have a strong self-consciousness to show yourself, there is no need to hide.

In her monologue, Tan said that in the good times we live in, women are in power, but they have not abandoned their femininity.

There is no conflict between power and femininity.

Of course, not all women must highlight the so-called feminization. Some women prefer to be neutral. It doesnt matter. Whats more, those who are willing to feminize will not worry that I dress up like a woman will hinder her fight for power and show her authority.

Finally, Abby tried on a simple little black dress. With her hair tied up, she felt confident that she had never been.

But as we often realize, there are always concerns about whether I look too feminine, whether I look too beautiful, whether others think I pay too much attention to appearance, that I dont spend enough energy on work, and so on.

In Tans words: there is no such thing! You are a powerful woman, let the TA see, show them!

A young woman who has great enthusiasm for improving society and public utilities, and has leadership and action power, should be ashamed that we cant create an environment that allows them to dress up freely. Womens abilities should not be weakened by how they dress.

Caramo, the psychological tutor of the group of five, said that when we were 18 years old, we were thinking about how to dress up our dormitory, and Abby was already standing up for the future of her generation and the next generation to promote social progress. If Abby is leading, I will be full of confidence in our world..

If it is a leader with ability, morality, feelings and will (the basic quality of public managers nowadays), who cares about gender?!