A salary of 500000 a year, being laid off for 10 minutes: your iron rice bowl is abandoning you

 A salary of 500000 a year, being laid off for 10 minutes: your iron rice bowl is abandoning you

Before the end of this year, all institutions engaged in production and operation will be transformed into enterprises.

No one can easily in a job, do a lifetime.

People who once held an iron rice bowl are faced with a crisis in an instant.

When Nokia was sold to Microsoft, his CEO said:

We did nothing wrong, but somehow we lost.

Companies need to develop and the times will change.

The only constant in the world is change itself.

When you start to feel comfortable, be careful.

If you take the high-speed railway recently, you will find that:

The paper ticket has been changed to electronic, and you can enter the station by swiping the ID card directly.

For ordinary passengers, this is undoubtedly a time-saving and convenient decision.

But there are also companies that are hurt as a result.

In 2019, 97.08% of the sales of thermal magnetic tickets come from the railway group;

And this income accounts for 68.53% of the companys operating income.

It was supposed to be stable cooperation, but now it has to stop production.

When a company does not make money, it will certainly lay off staff and reduce costs.

Fuguiniao has been transformed from a tourist souvenir factory to leather leisure shoes.

They quickly occupied the national market and became the king of shoes,

It had more than 3200 stores before it went public.

In just three years, it was declared bankrupt and even owed more than 4 billion yuan.

Later, I was frustrated because I forgot to change.

So carefree for a long time, he suddenly found that he had nothing.

When I want to leave, I hear a voice

Do you think this is heaven? Its hell.

The comfort zone is like a bubble blowing out. It looks colorful and will fly higher and higher;

In fact, when you get to a certain height, it will break and nothing will be left.

Anti vulnerability tells of a pair of brothers

My brother works in a fortune 500 company, and my brother makes a living by driving a taxi,

But the income gap is not much over the year.

After the outbreak of the economy, my brother lost his job at home and had to live on savings,

My brother still drives every day, and his life and income are not greatly affected.

Although the glass is hard, it will break when it is broken;

Plastic is not very valuable. It will deform when you pinch it, but it is hard to break it.

Most of the time, we ignore the fact that the more stable, the more vulnerable.

It is also the largest nursing home in Beijing.

The company is full of elites from famous universities, but it is busy for two months at most every year,

Other times its easy.

It is said that the average annual salary of an old employee who has worked for ten years is 500000.

Such a fairy company suddenly laid off 900 people last year.

Later, other domestic Internet companies invited these people,

However, a large number of people are stuck in a round of interviews.

I like a pupils description of iron rice bowl:

Its not that you eat this bowl of rice all your life, but you can eat it everywhere you go.

A man with a skill is a real iron rice bowl.

Ive seen a lot of people who come out of big companies and always look like theyre on top

Ridicule the dishonorable wechat business selling goods in the circle of friends;

Ironically, the pattern of working in small enterprises is small;

Look down on entrepreneurs, hang the title of the boss, do miscellaneous work.

They think highly of themselves and think they can live in a comfortable environment for a lifetime.

When one day was abandoned by the platform, I realized that I was far behind.

There is a scene in Shawshanks redemption

Andy helps the C.O. solve a problem. The C.O. buys beer to reward him and other inmates.

As everyone gathered on the roof to enjoy themselves, Andy looked into the distance.

He knew that no matter how happy he was, he could not change the fact that it was a prison.

Only those who are awed and alert to life all the time,

To withstand one test after another.

Alibaba has published a recruitment message:

Middle aged and elderly product experience staff, annual salary of 400000.

The requirements are simple: over 60 years old, with harmonious children,

There is a stable group social circle and great influence.

People thought that Alibaba would fight the streets this time,

But did not expect to apply for the uncle and aunt, a surprise than a.

Huang Dabo, 62, introduces himself as a PPT;

Granny Li, 83, is a Xueba from Tsinghua University, serving as a leader in more than a dozen wechat groups.

Liu Yanping, 64, finally got the job.

She used to be an English teacher. After retirement, she became the initiator of community square dance.

For the first half of her life, she lived with the so-called iron rice bowl;

In the following decades, opportunities were won by our own ability.

Smart people dont put all their eggs in the same basket;

You dont know that the flood comes every year, but you never raise the foundation of your house.

I met a girl who got a high score in the college entrance examination and finally decided to study in Japan.

When she was a sophomore, she could already rely on herself to pay for all the expenses of living and reading.

In addition to major, I also taught myself programming and French during the holidays;

Often with friends to explore Tokyos various distinctive bars, learn to mix wine.

When asked if she was tired, she said:

Im just trying to stay where I am.

Its not because they are incompetent and lack of opportunities,

Its because I chose a comfortable life too early and stopped running.

In the era of great waves and sands, maintaining the status quo is already retreating.

To encourage yourself:

As long as we dont stop running, well be the ones who get sugar.