Story u00b7 collection | give it a climbing ladder

 Story u00b7 collection | give it a climbing ladder

Strange! Why do these Parthenocissus have the same temperament with sweet potato seedlings? The man consulted his neighbors biology teacher and learned that the wall was too smooth, and the sticky sucker on the creepers tendrils could not be adsorbed on it. He had to make the wall pockmarked.

After half a days hard work, the wall was numb, and he put the long ivy vine root by root into the flower window hole on the wall. But then the Parthenocissus still did not climb up.

After the biology teacher came, he found the problem: the sticky sucker originally grown has dried up, but the new sucker on the top of the vine is unable to drive such a heavy cane. Therefore, it is very difficult for the Parthenocissus tricuspidata to climb up.

This morning, the man went to work and saw a father and a boy busy in front of the wall. Take a closer look and scream. God! The father and son were actually sticking the cane to the wall one by one with scotch tape. Theyve glued more than a dozen. Just listen to the father tell his son: it cant climb up, we help it climb up!

Today, that wall has been covered by Parthenocissus.

When the ideal rattan bows in front of reality, we should be like the father and son, wisely come up with their own remedy plan, and lift the cane to the height of dream.