Two people live in 242 M2 townhouse, decorated with more than 30 colors and a sky garden

 Two people live in 242 M2 townhouse, decorated with more than 30 colors and a sky garden

House type:

The townhouse has two living rooms and five bedrooms, a kitchen and four bathrooms, a storeroom, two cloakrooms and a hanging garden

Venue: Hangzhou

Area: 242 M2

Cost: 1.05 million

First floor

The first floor, as the public area of guest kitchen, is the most important family living area and reception area, and the overall pattern is transparent and open.


Red and green contrast color of Morandi porch, elegant, high-level, full of fun. Limited by the abrupt flue and natural gas pipeline, the designer adapted measures to local conditions and decorated it into lockers and seats. The tiles on the left side of the entrance door were specially made in a scattered way to remove the sense of retro and emphasize texture, so that the overall style is more unified and harmonious. The capacity of the storage cabinet is amazing. The arch and semi arch cabinet with large radian add a bit of geometric meaning. Araware hook, with the ring hook of hay, surrealism design makes the wall unique artistic sense.


There is a height difference of 80cm between the kitchen and the living room, and the height of several steps. The designer removed the original iron railings and made a half man high cement island. The central hollow out is used as atomizing fireplace, which makes it visually connected and has a good sense of depth and hierarchy.

According to the habits of the homeowner, the kitchen moving line is left washing, middle cutting and right making, and the lifting integrated stove meets the beauty of the table.

Storage cabinets and electrical appliances gathered on the other side of the kitchen, the whole body is pure black, resulting in a strong visual tension.

The living room looks from the living room to the kitchen. The middle island becomes a space partition, and the fireplace is just beside the sofa to realize the function transformation. (the atomizing fireplace has excellent simulation effect, and there is no hidden danger of open fire)

Solid geometry paper floor lamp, with a strong sense of handcraft; mirror texture of tea table, resulting in visual dimension switching. There is no TV in the living room of monitor ans home, but this does not prevent her and her family from watching movies and ball games: projector curtain + whole room embedded audio, direct connection of mobile phone and computer, and regional control, which fully meets the audio-visual enjoyment.

The 3.2m ceiling display cabinet can meet the strong storage and display needs. The design of black and log combination has a sense of rhythm in steadiness. The top surface of the abstract line block surface modeling, so that can not be knocked off the beam, column structure also become a kind of decoration.


Under the pattern design of guest restaurant integration, the restaurant is not separated, but a part of the overall space. The dining area faces the garden, with 2.6m large floor glass and windows opening and closing up and down, blurring the boundary between the internal and external spaces.

The height under the window is 30cm, both inside and outside can be used as seats. Inside the window is the whole piece of Chinese black marble, and the window is made of antiseptic wood. Bright yellow dining table rendering pleasant tone, modeling abstract, block surface cutting, and the style of the whole space to keep consistent.

From the dining area to the small garden, the site welded super large glass door, with beautiful black thin frame design. The interior is made of white gauze curtain as soft partition, and the wall is made of shelf and display cabinet, which is used to store common garden tools.


The whole staircase of laundry room is also made of dark green. The supplementary color blocks on the wall surface spread upward. A small portrait is hung in the center, interlacing with the color edge of the wall, as a form of balance. The chicken rib space under the stairs is used as a hidden laundry. Washing machines and dryers are all put in, and there is room for tools.

Glass handrails add permeability to the space.

The second floor is mainly for the elderly, and the terrace is wrapped into the room as a multi-functional area.

The multi-functional area is the original terrace on the second floor, which can be transformed into a study according to the demand in the future. The floor is paved with 600 u00d7 600cm terrazzo floor tiles. The similar color of the sealant makes the ground effect more uniform. The same material also extends to the windowsill stone, displaying the magic of space amplification from the tiny details. Classic Magis armchair, sculpture like existence.


Bathroom wall, with matte vertical bar small white brick staggered seam splicing, height not to the top, above and white wall splicing. On the left is a rectangular shower room, and on the right is a smart toilet and a small wall mounted washing machine.

The walls of the old peoples room are made of custom-made sketch wallpaper. The picture landscape is atmospheric and the lines are exquisite, which is worthy of careful appreciation.

The rich red of desk lamp, bird egg green curtain and metal wall lamp, color match together, have eye-catching and harmonious decorative effect. The curtain is made of cloud gauze, which is printed with the landscape photography works of the owners father.

The third floor is a tailor-made area for the couple. The original floor height is 5.8m, and a fourth floor is built as the master bedroom. On the third floor, the cloakroom, bath area, dressing room and toilet are connected as a whole. The balcony is enclosed in the room as a sunshine room and a scripture reading room.

Monitor an has the habit of copying scriptures and meditating. Here, he specially made tatami, glass top and white screen curtain, enclosing a quiet space full of Zen. The lower part of the platform is still designed as an invisible storage space.


The open cloakroom and wash area are designed on the third floor to ensure greater privacy for the master bedroom on the fourth floor. The large suspended wardrobe is calculated by a specially assigned person, and the cabinet frame is welded on the ceiling, and the cabinet body is made on site.


The main bathroom space on the third floor is all connected to form a whole. The super long washing table and dressing table are raised on the ground and paved with small flower bricks to divide the space, without the need to add walls. But in order to meet the need, we still design the cabinet invisible door, which can be pulled out when necessary and become a closed independent space.

The marble wash basin made on site is wrapped with black template, with a white shallow table extending from the right side, and the storage cabinet is suspended below. The seemingly simple form is full of details. There is no privacy problem in the private toilet here, so I chose to make half wall and paint the pink that the owner likes.

hower room

One side of the shower room is paved with corrugated cement bricks, and other walls are made of primary cement color. In the overall delicacy, there is a rough wild luxury taste, and the atmosphere is full of details. Using the thickness of the wall, made a storage niche.

Bath area

The balcony on the third floor is an independent bath area. The shear wall of the balcony that cant be knocked off just forms a half enclosure and retains part of the sense of privacy.


Master bedroom

The master bedroom on the attic first transformed the irregular roof with complex structure, and the designer made a rhythmic cross line, which made a modern sense.

In the south, through the partition wall, the French windows are made, and the lighting is introduced. It is also expected to see the scripture reading room on the third floor. The geometric screen with creaking sound adds a certain sense of enclosure to the space.


The bathroom on the fourth floor is a small space with a sloping top, and the wall is plastered with coarse texture.

Little garden

From the large glass door of the first floor living room, the outdoor courtyard is also full of permeability. It is mainly made of hard pavement, with white cement floor and black flower beds.

Desert plants are exotic and easy to take care of. The garden is surrounded by small bars, which are open and breathable, and are separated from the neighbors homes.

This set of cases can be described as luxurious but not earthy: the whole house maintains the overall gray level, achieves a high degree of unity of style, and different colors embellish and jump, and the high-level is amazing. Some even said that walking into her home was like walking into a new wave movie.

Pop up photo: Designer Jin Jing (left) and house owner monitor an (right) are the soul mates who are bound by design.

(reprinted from Zhu faner; ID: Zhu faner)