Two men in Guilin were sentenced to death, one of whom raped another and suffered from AIDS

 Two men in Guilin were sentenced to death, one of whom raped another and suffered from AIDS

After being jailed twice for stealing and raping others, he was arrested again for taking drugs

At about 6:00 on July 8, 2016, the defendant Li Chundong took methamphetamine (methamphetamine) and methamphetamine tablets (commonly known as Mahu) to room 8601 of zunhuang Hotel, No. 293, Dongan Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin City, and smoked with drug addict Zhang Xiaoling. At about 12:00 on the same day, public security personnel arrested them. In the room, 23.89 grams of methamphetamine and 1.61 grams of methamphetamine tablets were found. Li Chundong suffered from a major infectious disease (AIDS), and was released on bail the next day.

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Suffering from AIDS, drug trafficking after bail

After obtaining the bail pending trial, the defendant Li Chundong negotiated with Zhuge Yijun (male, Han nationality, born in Guilin on March 1, 1974) to buy methamphetamine in Lufeng City of Guangdong Province and transport it back to Guilin city for sale.

On the 10th of the same month, Zhuge Yijun arranged for Wang xinbing (to be dealt with separately and sentenced) to drive with Li Chundong to buy methamphetamine in Lufeng City, Guangdong Province. On the afternoon of that day, Wang xinbing and Li Chundong drove from Guilin to Bomei Town, Lufeng City, and then stayed in Boxin hotel. After that, Li Chundong was responsible for contacting the drug dealers. Wang xinbing used the bank card given by Zhuge Yijun to cash out at Jinji jewelry store in Bomei Town, Lufeng City, and took cash from the bank self-service ATM to raise the drug money. Li Chundong handed over 250000 yuan of toxic funds (60000 yuan of which was his own contribution) to the drug dealer a Jian (unknown name). Later, Wang xinbing drove back to Guilin.

On the morning of the 13th of the same month, Li Chundong put 10 packets of methamphetamine purchased from a Jian into a red dual-purpose refrigerated and heat preservation box in Bomei Town, Lufeng City. After that, he took the incubator containing methamphetamine and returned to Guilin on the sleeper bus from Shenzhen to Guanyang County, Guangxi. At about 23:00 on the same day, Li Chundong got off at the terminal station of Jinjiling No.10 bus in Qixing District, Guilin City, and took a taxi to the traffic light of Liuhe road in Qixing district. Police officers seized 10 packages of methamphetamine in the incubator, with a net weight of 9978.6 grams, and 0.6 grams of methamphetamine from Li Chundongs satchel.

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In the middle of the same month, the defendant Zhuge Yijun did not receive the methamphetamine purchased by Li Chundong, so he discussed with Wang xinbing that Zhuge Yijun should pay for it. Wang xinbing went to Guangdong Province to buy methamphetamine and sold it back to Guilin. Zhuge Yijun gives Wang xinbing an agricultural bank card with the head of household Chen Guirong. Wang xinbing asks Liu Jiandi (who has been sentenced) to accompany him to Lufeng City, Guangdong Province, to transport methamphetamine back to Guilin.

At noon on the 20th of the same month, Wang xinbing and Liu Jiandi took a sleeper bus from Guilin to Lufeng City. At about 1:00 the next day, Wang xinbing and Liu Jiandi arrived at Bomei Town, Lufeng City, and were admitted to Boxin hotel. Zhuge Yijun remitted and transferred nearly 100000 yuan to the agricultural bank card held by Wang xinbing and the industrial and commercial bank card held by his mother. Wang xinbing used the bank card to swipe 100000 yuan in Jinji jewelry store, Bomei Town, Lufeng City. Later, Wang xinbing bought about 4000 grams of methamphetamine from the drug dealer Xiaochong (unknown name) at a price of 25000 yuan per kilogram.

On the afternoon of the same month, Wang xinbing and Liu Jiandi took methamphetamine to return to Guilin from Lufeng. At about 1:00 on the 23rd of the same month, Wang xinbing and Liu Jiandi arrived at wayaokou, Guilin city. Liu Jiandi got off the bus with the password box and was arrested by public security personnel on the spot. Five packets of methamphetamine were seized from the code box carried by Liu Jiandi. Later, the public security personnel arrested Wang xinbing in the alighting area of Guilin bus terminal, and Zhuge Yijun was captured in the rental room on the 5th floor of building 13, No. 6, Lane 2, Dongan Road, Xiufeng District. After weighing, the net weight of 5 packets of drugs was 3965.61g.

Referee results

The above two cases were tried by the Guilin intermediate peoples court and the second instance by the higher peoples Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The court held that the defendants Li Chundong and Zhuge Yijun, in violation of the National Drug Administration regulations, sold and transported methamphetamine together with others, which constituted the crime of drug trafficking and transportation. Li Chundongs illegal possession of large quantities of methamphetamine constitutes the crime of illegal possession of drugs, which should be punished in accordance with the law.

Li Chundong has a prominent criminal responsibility in joint crimes, and he was sentenced twice for theft and rape. After he was suspected of illegal possession of drugs and was bailed out for trial, he immediately engaged in drug trafficking and transportation, which was of deep subjective malignancy and high personal risk. Zhuge Yijuns gang trafficking and transportation of methamphetamine had a large quantity and serious social harm, and was the most prominent crime among the joint crimes The main culprit. The crimes committed by Li Chundong and Zhuge Yijun are extremely serious and should be punished according to law. Accordingly, the defendants Li Chundong and Zhuge Yijun were sentenced to death according to law.

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