Media comments on more than 10000 broadband fees in one year: who is stuck in speeding up and reducing fees?

 Media comments on more than 10000 broadband fees in one year: who is stuck in speeding up and reducing fees?

Broadband monopoly: broadband fee of more than 10000 yuan a year

The broadband service of Shijiazhuang Runjiang Huigu building is provided by a service provider named Li Zhuo network. With its network, 20 MB bandwidth 6000 yuan a year, and the network speed is particularly slow, even daily online banking payment can not meet. A staff member of an enterprise in Huigu building in Runjiang said that they wanted to directly handle the broadband of Unicom, but they were blocked by the property management and the leeco network. According to the reporters contact with Li Zhuo network, the staff said that the 20 megabyte special line is 20400 yuan a year, which can be given a 60% discount according to her authority; the 50 megabyte special line can be given a 50% discount on the basis of 40800 yuan a year.

There are also a lot of complaints about Broadband monopoly on Internet complaint platforms such as black cat complaints and complaints gathering.

An enterprise user in a high-tech park in Shanghai once complained that the property union with an enterprise monopolizes broadband business and collects line maintenance fees and pipeline occupation fees arbitrarily. For a broadband or optical cable, the pipeline occupation fee is 2000 yuan; if you apply to an operator, you need to add 20000 yuan per year for line maintenance fee. Many enterprises because of business needs, they swallow their anger, and call 12345 complaints can not be resolved.

Multiple diseases: stubborn broadband access

In December 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology said that it would carry out a nationwide one-year special rectification work on broadband monopoly of commercial buildings, requiring basic telecommunication enterprises and others not to reach any form of exclusive agreements or agreements with real estate development enterprises and property management companies, so as to guarantee the equal access of enterprises and the right of users free choice.

u2014u2014An exclusive agreement was signed at the beginning of construction. In Shijiazhuang, some office building developers selected a telecom operator as the exclusive partner in the initial stage of construction to participate in the office building telecom infrastructure construction and signed an exclusive agreement. There are more than 200 enterprises in Shijiazhuang Jinshi Industrial Park. One of the network companies monopolizes the broadband service in the park as an agent of Unicom. It is difficult to handle the broadband service of other operators.

u2014u2014Acceptance and follow-up supervision are not in place. When some construction projects are completed, the competent authorities did not strictly check the broadband access problems during the acceptance, and the investigation and punishment of violations in broadband access is not strong.

How to solve the problem of neck sticking?

In the interview, relevant persons in charge of several enterprises said that the implementation of the rescue policy for enterprises needs to be carried out in detail, and they hope to standardize the broadband access service of commercial buildings, protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, and reduce the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises.

If the basic telecom operators take advantage of their dominant market position and require the property to sign exclusive agreements with themselves, they are suspected of violating the anti-monopoly law. Teng said.

The relevant person in charge of Hebei Provincial Communications Administration said that it would continue to strengthen market supervision, crack down on illegal and illegal behaviors that disrupt the operation of the telecom market, and suggested that operators should constantly improve the broadband access product system of SMEs customers.

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