The worlds first most entrenched gold hotel swimming pool bathtub is made of gold

 The worlds first most entrenched gold hotel swimming pool bathtub is made of gold

The gate of the gate adopts arched elements, with beautiful lines and strong sense of space, as if walking on a Golden Avenue.

Different halls are divided by arched doors. The gold-plated carved door decoration makes the luxury exquisite to the details.

The ceiling of the hall is also paved with gold, and the ceiling is also designed with special patterns. The golden light is full, which complements the white crystal chandelier.

Both ends of the hotel hall are divided by large arched iron framed doors. The corridors and aisles are decorated with golden border balustrade. The floor is a classic dark pattern ceramic tile, creating a retro feeling.

The hotel has more than 400 rooms. The door is a golden wooden door with classic patterns on it.

The background of the TV wall in the bedroom is inlaid with gold edge, and the TV cabinet is also inlaid with gold ornaments.

The bedroom and bathroom are distinguished by gilt edged transparent glass. The double bed is super comfortable.

The wall of the bathroom is made of cold porcelain with white patterns. The bathroom with semi private design can have a good view.

The swimming pool is not only a perfect holy land for leisure and relaxation, but also a free viewing platform with excellent vision.

If you like this hotel, you can spend $250 (about 1768 yuan) for a night. Compared with domestic hotels, this golden hotel is really not expensive.

This bridge, located on Mount Bana in Danang, Vietnam, is about 1400 meters above sea level and 150 meters in length. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant view of the mountains, the sparkling sea and the whole scenery of Da Nang.

However, the price of the bridge is not cheap. It was built by the Vietnamese government at a cost of 2 billion US dollars (about 141.3 billion yuan).