fantastic! More than four years, 5.6 million yuan decoration fee, villa was knocked into a pile of rags!

 fantastic! More than four years, 5.6 million yuan decoration fee, villa was knocked into a pile of rags!

Picture: villas were beaten to death, and the interviewees provided

Illustration: both parties specially indicated in the contract that Yanyi decoration has the secondary qualification of architectural decoration engineering

Demolishing the wall and changing the structure of the villa

In the Shanghai home decoration construction standard contract signed by Mr. Yang and Yan Yi decoration, it is clearly stipulated that: no right to change the original function of architectural design, and it is strictly prohibited to damage the bearing structure of the house. When signing the contract, Mr. and Mrs. Yang only saw the effect picture. They asked for design and construction and water and electricity drawings for many times, but the feasibility study art decoration was never given.

Illustration: it is clearly stipulated in the contract

During the construction, Mr. Yang found that a large number of walls were broken and the workers were still casting concrete. Among them, the stairs on the third floor of the villa were demolished, and then cast-in-place again, from the left side to the right side. At the same time, Mr. Yang repeatedly found that the materials selected by Qian did not match the original quotation. The Duravit bathtub with a price of more than 40000 yuan was replaced by a Kohler bathtub with thousands of yuan.

On the morning of August 16, 2016, Mr. Yang received a phone call from the local demolition office and was told that the villa had been reported to be suspected of illegal construction and asked for rectification. Mr. Yang felt that the matter was serious. At 3:00 p.m. that day, he promptly sent a notice to Yan Yi Decoration Qian, proposing that the illegal places should be rectified and removed immediately, and the relevant expenses should be borne by Yanyi decoration, and the list of used materials and inspection report should be provided. Two days later, on August 18, the building was demolished by the relevant authorities.

The dilapidated building needs 900000 yuan to recover

Xinmin Evening News reporter came to the scene, a dilapidated villa was hidden in a half person high weeds, the ground was littered with broken construction waste, the facade doors and windows had been dismantled, and even the whole wall had disappeared, only the exposed reinforcement told the scenes tragic and desolate.

Illustration: the whole wall was demolished and the reinforcement was exposed

In each room, the reporter found that the painted walls had become damp and moldy. Due to the construction technology is not up to standard, the ceramic tiles in the bathroom are hollowed out, and they are peeled off. According to the construction technology, the wall decoration board of the living room should be fixed with wooden keel. The decorative board on the site can be directly fixed on the wooden wedge of the wall, which is easy to cause mildew and moisture on the wall surface, which is more likely to cause security risks. In the basement, pried off the ground, the ground floor of the heating pipe was not paved with silver geothermal reflection film, and the basement was not even well waterproof, and a lot of water leaked out in a short time.

Illustration: moldy walls

Picture: the tile is empty and flaking

Illustration: there is no wood keel fixed on the decorative board, and no anti-corrosion treatment for the wooden wedge on the wall surface

Picture: there is no silver geothermal reflection film on the bottom of the geothermal water pipe

Fake, fake and fake are all fake, which have been put on file for investigation

In the subsequent investigation, as the truth came to the surface, Mr. Yang collapsed completely. Mr. Ge, the project manager of Yanyi decoration project, and Mr. Miao, the site manager, said: what we see in the company is a decoration contract of 1.5 million yuan, not 5.5 million yuan. It is a half contract rather than a contract for labor and materials. The price difference between the two contracts was as high as 4 million yuan. Originally, Qian wanted to put the difference of 4 million yuan into personal pocket, and the contract of 1.5 million yuan was forged. The reporter contacted Mr. Ge, one of the shareholders of Yanyi Decoration Co., Ltd., and the other party confirmed that what he saw was a contract of 1.5 million yuan. The company seal and financial seal were all controlled by Qian, so he could not know the inside information.

Illustration: appraisal report

According to the industrial and commercial information query, Yanyi decoration was established on February 9, 2015. The registration authority is Chongming branch of Shanghai Administration for Industry and commerce, with a registered capital of 2.5 million yuan. However, the business license provided by Yan Yi Decoration Qian to Mr. Yang is that the company was established on February 9, 2014. The registration authority is Shanghai Administration for Industry and commerce, and the registered capital is 5 million yuan. The registration authority is wrong, the registered capital is fictitious, the registration time is artificially one year ahead of schedule. Research art decoration has constituted the act of forging business license and has been punished by relevant departments.

Illustration: secondary qualification is forged

According to the investigation of Shanghai urban and rural construction and Management Committee, Shanghai Yanyi architectural decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. has fabricated and forged the secondary qualification issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. Even Qian Mou originally in order to fight for the contract and provided many honorary certificates, none of which is true. Whats more ridiculous is that Shen, the design director, is Qians wife, who is not graduated from Tsinghua University. The certificate of registered senior interior architect is also fake. The national permanent population information platform shows that she only has junior high school education. It is understood that Qian himself for forging the seal of state organs, has been criminal investigation by the public security organs.

Lawyers point of view

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });})(); Tian Yuxiu, a lawyer from Shanghai tianyuxiu law firm, believes: Although this case is a home decoration contract, it is actually a construction contract including civil engineering. The decoration company has no secondary qualification for building contracting, and the completed project does not meet the requirements of relevant specifications. The decoration company has violated the relevant provisions of the construction law of the peoples Republic of China, and the construction contract signed with the owner can be deemed invalid Contract. The owner can claim to the decoration company to restore the original state and compensate for the loss according to law. After signing the contract, the companys legal representative transfers the contract money to the private account, which is obviously abusing the independent status of the legal representative and will bear joint and several liability. The lawyer suggested: the owner who needs decoration must confirm whether the decoration qualification of the decoration company is true and effective through the official channels such as the Ministry of housing and urban rural development; even if the decoration company is entrusted to carry out the construction, he must often be on site to supervise the construction, so as to avoid the consequences such as the project quality not conforming to the contract and the construction delay. Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang juntu source: Wang Jun interviewee source: Xinmin Evening News Editor in charge: Zeng Xi_ SHS1708

Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang Jun

Source: interviewee Wang Jun