More than 11 million nucleic acid samples were detected in 54 residential areas in Beijing

 More than 11 million nucleic acid samples were detected in 54 residential areas in Beijing

This afternoon, in novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing, 143rd news conference, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing disease control and Prevention Center, said, at present, the number of nucleic acid sampling and testing in Beijing is over 11 million. After the outbreak of Xinfadi market, some small villages in Beijing were sealed and controlled, while others were closed. At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the whole city tends to be stable and good, and the control management of 54 communities including Xicheng District, Haidian District and Fengtai District has been lifted.

Beijings disease control: the overall situation of prevention and control tends to be stable and good, but the risk of epidemic transmission is still in place

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the city has seen confirmed cases for eight consecutive days, keeping at a low single digit level, and the overall situation of prevention and control is stabilizing and improving, but the risk of epidemic transmission is still in place. Remind the public that they should adhere to personal protection and environmental cleaning and disinfection, keep a safe social distance, do not shake hands when meeting, and try not to touch public facilities and articles; wear masks throughout the whole process in case of physical discomfort, timely standardize medical treatment, and put an end to laxity and fluke psychology.

Personnel who have been to Xinfadi market and those who have recently been exposed to confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections should adjust their mentality, continue to pay attention to their own health status, report in time if they have physical discomfort, seek medical treatment as soon as possible according to the protection requirements, and truthfully report the disease condition and epidemiological history. All communities and isolation points should be strictly managed and guaranteed to ensure that the isolation measures are implemented in place.

Details of a newly confirmed case in Beijing are promoters of fruit and vegetable convenience chain stores

Confirmed case, female, 50 years old, present address is Tianjiao Junyuan, Huaxiang, Fengtai District. She is a promoter of fruit and vegetable convenience chain store. On June 13, they were isolated at home. On June 19, they were confirmed as close contacts of the confirmed cases. They were transported by special vehicles to the centralized isolation point for centralized medical observation. On July 4, nucleic acid testing was carried out, and the results were positive. They were transferred to Fengtai integrated Chinese and Western medicine hospital by ambulance 120. The diagnosis was made on July 5, and the clinical classification was ordinary.

A case of bubonic plague confirmed in Inner Mongolia

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention, said yesterday that a case of bubonic plague was confirmed in Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia. The Department of disease control and prevention reminded the public to take personal protection when going to the grassland. They should not get close to wild animals and do not camp overnight in the grassland. In case of fever and other symptoms, the contact history of grassland and wild animals should be informed to help diagnosis. Medical staff in outpatient, emergency and fever clinics should pay attention to the plague symptoms and diagnostic criteria, strengthen the inquiry of patients travel history and contact history, and make accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment.

In Beijing, 47% of the confirmed cases of the epidemic were the staff of Xinfa market

Xu Hejian, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, director of the Information Office of the municipal government and spokesman of the municipal government, Xu Hejian said that the clustering epidemic situation in Xinfadi wholesale market showed the prominent characteristics of high correlation and high concentration. Among them, 47% of the confirmed cases were the staff of Xinfa market, with 295 cases in Fengtai District and Daxing District, accounting for 88%. The clinical types of confirmed cases were mainly light type and common type, accounting for 98%. According to the State Council client program epidemic risk level query, as of 15:00 on July 5, there was only one high-risk area, 22 medium risk area and 24 low-risk area in Beijing.

Xu Hejian said that after nearly a month of precise prevention and control and nationwide epidemic prevention, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the capital continued to stabilize and improve, and the epidemic situation was successfully prevented and controllable and predictable. However, at the most difficult and critical juncture, we still need to keep a clear mind, adhere to the external revenue prevention and internal non-proliferation, further compact and compact the responsibilities of the four parties, focus on key areas, key places and key groups, do not let go of any potential risks, do not give opportunities for the spread of the virus, make persistent efforts, and grasp the prevention and control work with more scientific, accurate and effective measures.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Beijing has always adhered to the idea of people first and life foremost. It always puts the safety and health of the people in the first place, and always runs with time. It does everything possible to guard every life and strive to make every patient recover and discharge at an early date. We should strengthen expert consultation, pay attention to the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, strengthen the whole process management of cases, focus on the strength of advantages, treat critically ill and critically ill patients carefully, improve the healing power, and do a good job in the rehabilitation of discharged patients. We should actively strengthen psychological counseling, strive for public understanding and support, guide medical observers, patients and their families to face the situation scientifically, and further strengthen the medical service work during the period of normalized prevention and control, so as to ensure the safety and order of medical services. Medical staff and patients with zero infection, as far as possible to meet the needs of patients with diagnosis and treatment services, especially emergency services.

Schools in 132 test centers in Beijing are completely eliminated, waiting for 49225 candidates to take part in the college entrance examination

Xu Hejian, Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, director of the Information Office of the municipal government and spokesman of the municipal government, said the four-day Beijing college entrance examination will begin tomorrow. This years college entrance examination is not only a test for students academic and life, but also a big test for epidemic prevention and organization in Beijing. The Beijing Municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to the health and safety of the majority of examinees parents, examiners and invigilators as the first priority, and carefully prepare for this years college entrance examination.

After comprehensive elimination and careful arrangement, all 14 test areas, 132 test sites and 2867 examination centers for the college entrance examination are all ready and arranged in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and college entrance examination. All the arrangements are in place. We are waiting for 49225 candidates to successfully participate in the college entrance examination tomorrow. In a special year, special college entrance examination, special measures and special requirements create a safe, calm and smooth environment for examinees. During the college entrance examination period, we hope that the general public will choose green travel as far as possible, courteous to the test vehicles, and try to reduce the noise. At the same time, we will continue to do a good job in protecting the virus, so as not to add chaos to the overall situation of the war epidemic.

How to do a good job of psychological counseling for isolated personnel, residents in risk areas and citizens?

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and intervention team leader of Beijing psychological crisis, director of clinical psychological ward of Beijing Anding Hospital and Xi Yingjun, chief physician, introduced that psychological services for the related personnel are mainly to do psychological counseling for three groups. One is the psychological counseling of close contact isolation personnel. Under the guidance of professional organizations, the close contact personnel shall set up a service team composed of mental health professionals, mental health professionals, social workers, and relevant professional volunteers to provide mental health education and psychological counseling for the close contact personnel at the isolation point, focusing on providing psychological support for those who are too nervous, in a bad mood or have insomnia. It can guide the close contact personnel to use the network psychological support platform and hotline to seek help.

Second, psychological services for residents in risk areas. The staff of the community neighborhood (Village) committee should do a good job of humanistic care for the residents in the control area of epidemic risk areas, and actively help them adapt to the special stage of life. Under the guidance of mental health institutions, carry out publicity on mental health popularization, inform residents of psychological assistance hotline and other forms of help, and encourage residents to seek help in time when necessary.

Third, self-management of other citizens. Timely learn about the epidemic situation and health knowledge, correctly understand the knowledge of infectious disease prevention and control, standardize self-protection behavior, and consult professionals for information that they dont understand. They dont believe rumors or spread rumors, so as to avoid excessive anxiety and blind panic. Establish the awareness that everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control, and actively cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control measures. We should maintain a normal life pattern, form good living habits, adapt to the changes in the working and learning environment under the normalization of the epidemic situation as soon as possible, objectively, comprehensively and rationally look at the impact of the epidemic, pay attention to the positive side of oneself, others and the surrounding environment, maintain self-confidence, give full play to subjective initiative, regularly eat and nutrition balance, and ensure 7-9 hours of sleep every day Exercise moderately every day to maintain a happy mood and improve the body immunity.

If you find that your thoughts, emotions and behaviors deviate from the normal, you can call the hotline 010-58303286010-58340263 or get professional psychological counseling services with the help of the app of Beijing Anding Hospital. You can also inform your family or friends in time and go to the mental health hospital for consultation or treatment.

Chaoyang Hospital: 80 doctors from 7 departments open Internet diagnosis and treatment service

Zhang Jinbao, Secretary of the Party committee and President of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that in order to give priority to the treatment of critically ill patients, the hospital reduced the occupation of emergency resources by guiding non emergency patients to outpatient treatment.

On the one hand, through the hospital website, service hotline and appointment registration platform, real-time release of emergency department visits, the utilization rate of emergency room and observation bed, to orderly guide patients. On the other hand, we should strengthen Internet plus medical services. In March 31st, Chaoyang Hospital officially launched the Internet diagnosis and treatment service, providing online and offline integrated Internet plus medical services for patients with chronic diseases and common diseases. At present, 80 doctors from 7 departments of respiratory, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, Gastroenterology, rheumatology and immunology, and urology have opened Internet diagnosis and treatment services, further relieving the pressure caused by non emergency patients occupying emergency resources.

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